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Candyland Crafts

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Candy Writers "Chocolate In A Tube"

Just melt and use!

These tubes contain chocolate coatings in 16 different colors. Just place in a glass of hot

water to melt. They are great for decorating candies, cookies and decorating or writing on cakes.

2 oz. Tubes, only $2.09 ea.

16 different color candy writers.


Red                 (CK77-3550)      Yes:Qty:

Pink                (CK77-3250)      Yes:Qty:

Lite Pink          (CK77-3275)      Yes:Qty:

Yellow             (CK77-3350)      Yes:Qty:

Orange            (CK77-3700)      Yes:Qty:

Peach             (CK77-3450)      Yes:Qty:

Blue                (CK77-3600)      Yes:Qty:

Dark Blue        (CK77-3620)      Yes:Qty:

Dark Green     (CK77-3320)      Yes:Qty:

Light Green     (CK77-3300)      Yes:Qty:

Orchid             (CK77-3650)      Yes:Qty:

Light Brown     (CK77-3100)      Yes:Qty:

Dark Brown     (CK77-3150)      Yes:Qty:

Black              (CK77-3900)      Yes:Qty:

White              (CK77-3200)      Yes:Qty:

Brite White      (CK77-3220)      Yes:Qty: