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Candyland Crafts Candy Mold Catalog

Choose from over 3,000 different chocolate candy molds

 You can use these molds for many different types of crafts: chocolate, plaster, soap, etc. They are made from an FDA approved plastic and can withstand a temperature of up to 150o F (not dishwasher safe). Most of our molds measure  8"  x 10" and some are larger. Molds are $1.99 each unless marked differently

(extra large molds are $3.00).

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Our Lighthouses made from Mold N-43  (click image for close up details)

Candy Samples from N-43 Lighthouse Mold

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Chocolate Candy Mold - Kids: Airplane Lollipop 3 cavity (K-153)

Chocolate Candy Mold - Kids: Airplane Lollipop 3 cavity (K-153) $1.99 Yes:Qty:


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