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Candyland Crafts

201 West Main Street, Somerville NJ 08876

Phone: (908)685-0410                               Toll Free: (877)487-4289                               FAX: (908)575-1640


Extra Thin Confectioners Foils, Rolls & Candy Labels

For colorful wrapping of candy pieces or other treats

Confectionery Twisting Cellophane Sheets and/or Wax Paper

 It's ideal for twisting around hard candy, chocolate, caramels and more.

Once twisted it stays twisted!


NOTE: It is almost impossible to get true colors for  foils on a computer monitor.

These colors are all bright, crisp metallic will not be disappointed.

Confectionery Foils come in packages of 125 pcs.

Small     (S)    3" x 3"               Medium     (M)    4" x 4"              Large     (L)    6" x 6"         

$2.09 Per Pkg                           $3.45 Per Pkg                            $7.09 Per Pkg             

Red                      Red Foil          (CK89-133R)    S Yes:Qty:       (CK89-144R)     M Yes:Qty:       (CK89-166R)   L Yes:Qty:

Pink                    Pink Foil          (CK89-133K)    S Yes:Qty:       (CK89-144K)     M Yes:Qty:       (CK89-166K)   L Yes:Qty:

Burgundy          Burgundy Foil          (CK89-133BU)  S Yes:Qty:       (CK89-144BU)  M Yes:Qty:       (CK89-166BU) L Yes:Qty:

Fuchsia              Fushia Foil          (CK89-133W)   S Yes:Qty:       (CK89-144W)    M Yes:Qty:       (CK89-166W)  L Yes:Qty:

Orange               Orange Foil          (CK89-133O)    S Yes:Qty:       (CK89-144O)    M Yes:Qty:       (CK89-166O)   L Yes:Qty:

Chartreuse        Chartruese Foil          (CK89-133CH)  S Yes:Qty:       (CK89-144CH)  M Yes:Qty:       (CK89-166CH) L Yes:Qty:

Gold                    Gold Foil          (CK89-133G)    S Yes:Qty:       (CK89-144G)   M  Yes:Qty:       (CK89-166G)   L Yes:Qty:

Green                 Green Foil          (CK89-133N)    S Yes:Qty:        (CK89-144N)   M  Yes:Qty:       (CK89-166N)   L Yes:Qty:

Blue                    Blue Foil          (CK89-133B)    S Yes:Qty:       (CK89-144B)    M  Yes:Qty:       (CK89-166B)   L Yes:Qty:

Royal Blue         Royal Blue Foil          (CK89-133D)    S Yes:Qty:       (CK89-144D)    M  Yes:Qty:       (CK89-166D)   L Yes:Qty:

Lavender           Lavender Foil          (CK89-133LA)  S Yes:Qty:       (CK89-144LA) M  Yes:Qty:       (CK89-166LA) L Yes:Qty:

Purple                          (CK89-133P)     S Yes:Qty:        (CK89-144P)    M Yes:Qty:        (CK89-166P) L  Yes:Qty:

Silver                  Silver Foil          (CK89-133S)    S Yes:Qty:       (CK89-144S)    M  Yes:Qty:       (CK89-166S)   L Yes:Qty:

Black                   Black Foil          (CK89-133X)    S Yes:Qty:       (CK89-144X)    M  Yes:Qty:       (CK89-166X)   L Yes:Qty:

White                  White Foil          (CK89-133T)    S Yes:Qty:        (CK89-144T)    M  Yes:Qty:       (CK89-166T)   L Yes:Qty:


Extra Thin Confectioners Foil Rolls for candies - 20 inches wide x 50 feet - $16.99/roll

Gold (CK89-500G) Yes:Qty:           Silver (CK89-500S) Yes:Qty:

Red  (CK89-500R)  Yes:Qty:          Green (CK89-500N) Yes:Qty:

white  (CK89-500T) Yes:Qty:

Candy Labels  Add a Professional touch - these are metallic gold, 1 5/8" dia. labels inscribed: Home Made Candies

10/Pkg.     (CK88-10)   $ .99        Yes:Qty:

Home Made Labels  Announce your homemade gifts with style. 1 1/2" diameter.

 24 per pkg.    (1904-8936)  $1.29    Yes:Qty: