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Candyland Crafts

201 West Main Street, Somerville NJ 08876

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Hard Candy Molds

Birthday, Rounds, Nautical, Religious


These hard candy molds are designed to withstand the temperatures needed for hard candy (325F).

All molds are approximately 7 1/2" x 9" and only $1.99 each

Dimensions given in inches = height/length of the molded candy piece and are approximate.

Molds can also be used for chocolate.

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Happy Birthday Lolly   2"          (8H-12136)        Yes: Qty:

Round Lolly                  1 1/2"       (8H-5209)       Yes: Qty:

Balloons Lolly              2 1/2"   (8H-12404)        Yes: Qty:

Round Lolly                   3 3/4       (8H-5210)        Yes:Qty:

Clown Lolly                    3"         (8H-12410)        Yes: Qty:

Lobster/Crayfish lolly     3 3/8"   (8H-12820)      Yes: Qty:

Round Lolly                   2 1/2"       (8H-5208)      Yes: Qty:

Sand Dollar Lolly            1 3/4"   (8H-12824)      Yes: Qty:

Cross lolly          2 1/4"          (8H-7213)          Yes: Qty:



More Hard Candy Molds

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Halloween/Thanksgiving          Sports/Transportation          Valentines          Miscellaneous/all other

Extra heavy duty (resin/silicone) hard candy lollipop and single cavity molds


For regular Lollipop sticks