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Merckens Logo Tempering Chocolate

The very best candy is made from the best chocolate.

This chocolate contains cocoa butter and must be tempered before use. (This chocolate is non taxable).  NOTE: Additional shipping costs may apply for chocolate exceeding 30 lbs.

Merckens Tempering Chocolate

           Size & Price                 Marquis (MILK)             Yucatan (DARK)                   Ivory (WHITE)            

1 lb.($6.55 ea.)       (MAR)         Yes: Qty:         (YUC)        Yes: Qty:         (IVO)         Yes: Qty:

5 lb.($30.75 ea.)     (MAR5)       Yes: Qty:        (YUC5)       Yes: Qty:        (IVO5)       Yes: Qty:

10 lb.($55.50 ea.)     (MAR10)     Yes:Qty:        (YUC10)    Yes: Qty:        (IVO10)     Yes: Qty:

50 lb.($252.50 ea.)  (MAR50)     Yes:Qty:        (YUC50)    Yes: Qty:        (IVO50)     Yes: Qty:


Chipper Very rugged! Perfect for the hardest chocolate or ice. Heavy steel plated 1 1/4" prongs.

(HI-43198)  $9.99    Yes:Qty:



Shipping Chocolate During Hot Weather