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Twist Ties & Bow

A great alternative for ribbon!


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Printed Twist Ties.Printed Twist Ties.    3 1/2" long.      100 Per Pkg.


Stars and Stripes              (CML-TTP-12)      $2.79       Yes:Qty:

Stars and stripe twist ties have blue background and white stars on one side,

the other side has red and white stripes.

I Chocolate                    (LN11-2169)      $2.79       Yes:Qty:

Celebration Balloons (CML-TTP-16)  $2.79 Yes:Qty:  Spring Flowers (CML-TTP-7)  $2.79 Yes:Qty:

Baby Print                 (CML-TTP-8)   $2.79 Yes:Qty:     Tie Dye            (CML-TTP-9)  $2.79 Yes:Qty:

Red / Pink Hearts          (CML-TTP-10)    $2.79   Yes:Qty:

Solid Color twist Ties.    3 1/2" long.       100 Per Pkg.

Solid Color Twist Ties.Red         (LN11-2150)   $2.59   Yes:Qty:        Pink         (LN11-2149)   $2.59   Yes:Qty:

Yellow   (LN11-2154)    $2.59   Yes:Qty:        Orange   (LN11-2153)   $2.59   Yes:Qty:

Blue       (LN11-2156)    $2.59   Yes:Qty:        Green      (LN11-2155)   $2.59   Yes:Qty:

Purple   (LN11-2157)    $2.59   Yes:Qty:        Brown     (LN11-2158)   $2.59   Yes:Qty:

Black     (LN11-2159)    $2.59   Yes:Qty:


Natural and Clear ties are 4" long.

Natural   (RGTT-KRA)    $2.99   Yes:Qty:      Clear     (RGTT-CLE)    $2.99    Yes:Qty:

Metallic Twist Ties.

Metallic Twist Ties.    4" long.     100 Per Pkg.

Gold       (LA-5718)          $3.95    Yes:Qty:      Red         (LA-5717)         $3.95   Yes:Qty:

Blue       (MP-60804)       $3.95   Yes:Qty:      Green     (LA-5722)         $3.95   Yes:Qty:

Silver   (LA-5719)   $3.95   Yes:Qty:

Silver Twist Ties With Bow.                                               Gold Twist Ties With Bow.

Bows are approx. 1 3/4" wide. Ties are 3" long. 12 per Pkg.

Silver      (STTB)      $2.99      Yes:Qty:                                     Gold      (GTTB)      $2.99      Yes:Qty:

Fabric Bows.

Bows are approx. 1 3/4" wide. 10 Per Pkg.

Red               (PH-500025)   $1.39   Yes:Qty:           Pink            (PH-500022)   $1.39   Yes:Qty:

Yellow          (PH-500023)   $1.39   Yes:Qty:            Orange      (PH-500028)   $1.39   Yes:Qty:

Light Blue   (PH-500024)   $1.39   Yes:Qty:            Green         (PH-500027)   $1.39   Yes:Qty:

Lavender    (PH-500026)   $1.39   Yes:Qty:            Black          (PH-500029)   $1.39   Yes:Qty:

White         (PH-500021)  $1.39  Yes:Qty:



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