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Batter Buddies & Two-Tone Cupcakes

Create Two Flavors of Cake into One.

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Batter Daddy

Batter Daddy

Can't decide what flavor of cake you want? Now you can combine two flavors into one. It's simple when using the "Batter Daddy"


Adjusts to fit 8" to 14" wide pans.

Fits both square sided pans and bevel sided cake pans.

Can be used in 2", 2 1/2" and 3" deep cake pans.

Use multiple Batter Daddies to create multi color cakes.

Dishwasher safe (TOP RACK)


1) Simply place the Batter Daddy in cake pan.

2) Pour the separate batters into pan.

3) Remove Batter Daddy before baking.

      1 per pkg.    (KI-200)    $7.99    Yes:Qty:

Pans Showing Batter Daddy.
Batter Babies. Batter Babies

Now you can create two flavor or two color cupcakes. It's now possible when using The Batter Babies.


Fits most standard size cupcake pans and cups.

For best results, wash batter babies by hand.


1) Simply place Batter Babies in individual cups.

2) pour the two separate batters into each cup.

3) Remove Batter Babies before baking.

6 per pkg.    (KI-201)    $7.39    Yes:Qty:

Pan Showing Batter Babies.
Two-Tone Cupcake Pan Package. Two-Tone Cupcake Pan

Bake multi color cupcakes. Perfect for holiday's, birthday's or any celebrations.

Set includes 1 - 12 cup cupcake pan. 1 - 3 cavity cupcake insert. and complete instructions. Works just like the batter buddies but design is different.


Click on image on right for some great ideas!


(2105-7783)    $19.99    Yes:Qty:

Two-Tone Cupcake Pan.

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