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Soap Making Books

Up-to-date instructions, and beautifully illustrated guide books for soap making

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Soap Making 101


A very nice book for beginner soap makers. Natural recipes and beautiful glycerin bars. Full color pictures.


(LP-5100)      $3.99    Paperback, 35 pages.      Yes: Qty:


Soapmaking, The Natural Way. "Book"

Soapmaking The natural Way

45 Melt and pour recipes using herbs, flowers and essential oils. You'll learn the fundamental techniques for the craft. There are soaps to make in a variety of shapes and sizes, with aromatic scents and embedded objects. Book measures 10" x 8 1/2". Lots of colored pictures. By Rebecca Ittner.

(LA-4914)      $14.95    Paperback,  128 pages.     DISCONTINUED