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Candyland Crafts

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Candy Eyes

Candy eyes make wonderful "eye catching" decorations

for your cookies, chocolate, cupcakes and ice cream creations!

PinkPink Candy EyeYellowYellow Candy EyeBlue Blue Candy Eye White White Candy Eye

Click on any eye above to see typical packaged sheet of eyes

(actual colors are generally brighter than shown on the computer monitor)

Small (51316)- Approx. 3/16" dia.          120/Pkg. - $1.65      or      1000/Pkg. - $11.50

Pink 120/Pkg.              (S-51316P)              Yes:Qty: 1000/Pkg.        (S-51316PB)                Yes:Qty:
Yellow 120/Pkg.              (S-51316Y)               Yes:Qty: 1000/Pkg.        (S-51316YB)                Yes:Qty:
Blue 120/Pkg.              (S-51316B)               Yes:Qty: 1000/Pkg.         (S-51316BB)               Yes:Qty:
White 120/Pkg.              (S-51316W)              Yes:Qty: 1000/Pkg.         (S-51316WB)              Yes:Qty:

Medium (5102) -  Approx. 1/4" dia.  120/Pkg. - $1.75  or  1000/Pkg. - $11.75 (Discontinued, limited Qty.)

Pink 120/Pkg.  (S-5102P)  On Sale $1.50                  Sold Out 1000/Pkg.(S-5102PB)             On Sale $10.00       Sold Out
Yellow 120/Pkg. (S-5102Y)   On Sale $1.50 Yes:Qty: 1000/Pkg.(S-5102YB)  On Sale $10.00   Yes:Qty:
Blue 120/Pkg.  (S-5102B)  On Sale $1.50                  Sold Out 1000/Pkg.(S-5102BB)             On Sale $10.00        Sold Out

120/Pkg.  (S-5102W) On Sale $1.50                  Sold Out

1000/Pkg.(S-5102WB)            On Sale $10.00        Sold Out
Medium/Large (5100) - Approx. 5/16"          120/Pkg. - $1.75      or      1000/Pkg. - $12.25
Pink 120/Pkg.              (S-5100P)                 Yes:Qty: 1000/Pkg.               (S-5100PB)                Yes:Qty:
Yellow 120/Pkg.              (S-5100Y)                 Yes:Qty: 1000/Pkg.               (S-5100YB)                Yes:Qty:
Blue 120/Pkg.              (S-5100B)                 Yes:Qty: 1000/Pkg.               (S-5100BB)                Yes:Qty:

120/Pkg.              (S-5100W)                Yes:Qty:

1000/Pkg.               (S-5100WB)               Yes:Qty:

Large (5110) - Approx. 7/16" dia.          28/Pkg. - $.89      or      1000/Pkg. - $17.00

Pink 28/Pkg.                (S-5110P)                 Yes:Qty: 1000/Pkg.               (S-5110PB)                Yes:Qty:
Yellow 28/Pkg.                (S-5110Y)                 Yes:Qty: 1000/Pkg.               (S-5110YB)                Yes:Qty:
Blue 28/Pkg.                (S-5110B)                 Yes:Qty: 1000/Pkg.                (S-5110BB)               Yes:Qty:
White 28/Pkg.                (S-5110W)                Yes:Qty: 1000/Pkg.               (S-5110WB)              Yes:Qty:



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