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Candyland Crafts

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Candy Making Supplies Index

A great selection of quality candy making supplies.

Candy Making Supplies.

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Binder Clips  For 3-D molds

Book Shoppe  Over 75 books and DVD's

Bowls  Ceramic, electric and mixing bowls.

Bows and Twist Ties  In many different colors

Brownie Fun Shoppe  Everything for fun and tasty brownies

Candy Add-Ins  Tasty crunches to mix in chocolate, sprinkle on brownies, ice cream and more

Candy and Soap Making for Kids  Beginner supplies

Candy Boxes  Premium, no windows

Candy Boxes  Windows, totes, bows, mint, popcorn

Candy Boxes (Designer)  Designed for molded chocolate pieces

Candy Boxes: Holidays

Christmas    Easter    Halloween    Valentine 

Candy Colors  Oil based, single vials and sets

Candy Cups  Many different sizes and colors

Candy Eyes  Make your candy come to life with eyes

Candy Fillings  Ready made fillings, fondant, invertase, caramel and more

Candy Making Kits  Multi-mold set & pretzel kit

Candy Molds  Most popular chocolate, hard candy, craft & flexible molds

Candy to Dip  Heath bars, peanut butter logs, and more

Candy Writers  Chocolate in a tube, melt and use

Candymelter Palette  Great for melting up to 10 different colors for painting

Caramel  Peters and Merckens

Cellophane Bags  For chocolate, lollipops and pretzels

Chocolate Shoppe  Melting, tempering, parve, kosher for Passover, sugar free, carob and more

Cocoa Butter  Bars and jars

Craft Brushes  For applying dust to gum paste, fondant & cookies. Also for painting with chocolate

Crème Centers  Soft and firm fillings, dry fondant and more

Decorating Gloves  Cotton, to prevent fingerprints and polyethylene

Decorating Shoppe  An index of  baking, decorating and packaging

Dipping Tools  Spoons and forks, single and sets

Equipment  Chocolate tempering machines, turntables, scales, airbrush systems, bag sealers, cake stands and  levelers & more

Foils: Extra Thin Confectioners  Pre - cut  colorful candy wrappers. Foil rolls and homemade candy labels

Food Colors and Kits  Gel based, Powders, oils, and more

Fountain Chocolate Designed for using in chocolate fountains without having to add anything.

Funnel  For filling molds with chocolate, fillings & more

Hard Candy  An index for all hard candy related products

Hard Candy Making Kits  Kits and mixes for making hard candy

Icings Shoppe  An index for all types of icing products. Ready to use, tubes, ingredients, spray, gel base colors, and more

Lollipop Sticks  White & colors, candy apple sticks, lollipop tags

Melting and Dipping Bowls  Ceramic

Merckens Rainbow Wafers  For melting and molding

Merckens Tempering Chocolate  Must temper before using

Metallic Twist Ties & Bows  In many different designs & colors

Molds  The most popular chocolate, hard candy, craft, flexible molds

Oils & Flavorings  Over 70 high quality varieties

Packaging & Presentation  An index for cake boards, bases, boxes, doilies and trim, candy boxes, cupcake/treat servers, cellophane & poly bags, cellophane rolls, foils, fillers, filler grass, ribbon, twist ties, wax paper, stretch loops, and lollipop sticks & more

Poly Bags  Rectangular and triangular

Ribbon  In over 40 colors and raffia

Rice Krispy Treat  A large treat for eating decorating or sculpting.

Rolls of Cellophane  In stunning colors

Scoops  for scooping candy at candy bars or sweet tables.

Seasonal Products Shoppe  A complete selection of cake decorating and candy making products for all major seasons and holidays

Squeeze Bottles  For filling candy molds, works like a dream

Stretch Loops with Bows  Available in 7 fantastic colors

Sugar Free Wafers/Nuggets  For melting and molding

Thermometers  For tempering, hard candy and more

Twist Ties & Bows  In many different colors

Twisting Wax Paper & Cellophane Sheets  Just wrap and twist

Wilbur Confectionary Wafers  For melting and molding

Wilbur Tempering Chocolate  Must temper before using


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