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Tray With Delicious Cream Centers

Candy Fillings And Cream Centers


For when you want home made taste, but don't have time to make it!

Ready to Use "Firm Centers" Roll into balls and dip into chocolate or push into a chocolate-lined mold. Comes in 1 Lb. containers.

Coconut Filling                                 (CK75-101)                   $4.99                  Yes: Qty:

Peanut Butter                                  (CK75-320)                   $4.99                  Yes: Qty:

Peppermint                                      (CK75-316)                   $4.99      Yes: Out of stock


Make your own delicious candy cream centers in minutes! Just add flavorings, preserves, nuts, fruits, coloring or your own combination. Just think of the possibilities. Comes in 1 Lb. containers.

Ready Fondant                                (CK75-328)                   $4.99                  Yes: Qty:

Squeeze-ums Candy Fillings "Gourmet Soft Centers" Comes in  8 oz. triangular bags. Simply snip the end of the bag and squeeze the filling into a chocolate-lined mold.  $4.09 ea. unless marked.

Black Raspberry                      (LN15-101)                                                                                 Yes:Out of stock

Buttercream                              (LN15-103)                                                                                      Yes:Qty:

Cappuccino                               (LN15-105)                                                                                      Yes:Qty:

Caramel                                      (LN15-106)                                                            $5.99          Yes:Out of stock

Cherry                                         (LN15-107)                                                                                      Yes:Qty:

Chocolate                               (LN15-108)                                                                                      Yes:Out of stock

Crème-De-Menthe                     (LN15-110)                                                                                      Yes:Qty:

Marshmallow Cream                (LN15-115)                                                                                      Yes:Qty:

(the marshmallow cream is in a 4 oz. bag)

Orange                                        (LN15-116)                                                                                 Yes:Out of stock

Peppermint                                (LN15-118)                                                                                      Yes:Qty:

Red Raspberry                          (LN15-120)                                                                                      Yes:Qty:

Strawberry                                 (LN15-121)                                                                                 Yes:Out of stock

Vanilla                                         (LN15-124)                                                                                 Yes:Out of stock

*Squeeze-ums Fillings available from Sept. through March.

Powdered Dry Fondant When prepared, is used as a candy cream center. When mixed with other ingredients and cooked, is a poured icing for Petit Fours (bite size cakes) and cookies.

1 lb.                          $3.49                  (CK-7655521)                             Yes:Qty:

5 lb.                          $15.00                (CK-7655525)                             Yes:Qty:

Invertase is a natural product (an enzyme) used to change fondant from a solid to a cream like consistency. Use just one drop per pound of moist fondant, and your chocolate covered creams will be creamy and smooth after they are dipped. It is also very helpful in extending the shelf life (as a preservative) of truffles and other candy pieces such as Bavarian, Cherry, Chocolate Butter, Chocolate Cordial or Maple Creams.

1 oz.                          $3.50                (LA-7090-1)                                 Yes:Qty:

4 oz.                          $9.50                (LA-7090-4)                                 Yes:Qty:

16 oz.                       $27.50              (LA-7090-16)                               Yes:Qty:



Do you prefer Crunchy Add-ins like crisp rice, coconut, toffee crunch etc.?

These just add and mix into chocolate, then mold or pour into Candy Cups


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