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Dipping Fork with Chocolate.

Dipping Tools, Stainless Steel And Plastic

Take's the difficulty out of dipping and are easy to use!

They are specially designed and ideally suited for handling

the dipping of candy centers and many other items like

marshmallows, cookies, crackers, molded eggs and even fruit pieces.

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Stainless Steel - Dipping Tool Sets

Wilton Candy Dipping Set Two pieces set.1 round shape and 1 two prong fork. Professional quality stainless steel with wooden handles. Measures 8 3/4" in. long.

(1904-925)               $10.99/set       Yes:Qty:


Dipping Tool Set Use to hold fruit, candy, or nuts securely while dipping them into melted chocolate or other coatings. Set contains: 1 two prong fork, 1 three Prong fork and 1spiral spoon. 8" long.

(AT-1378)                 $12.59/set       Yes:Qty:

Stainless Steel - Dipping Tools Single

2 Prong Fork                          8" long                                               (AT-1380)                 $4.29                Yes:Qty:

3 prong Fork                          8" long                                               (AT-1379)                 $4.29                Yes:Qty:

Spiral Spoon                          8" long                                               (AT-1381)                 $4.29                Yes:Qty:

Dipping Basket                     9 3/4" long, basket 2 1/2" x 1"           (AT-1373)                 $7.99                Yes:Qty:

Plastic - Dipping Tool Sets

Candy Dipping Set  Contains 1 two prong fork, 1 spoon, and 1 swirl. Measures 8 1/2" to 9" long.

(D15)                         $7.50                Yes:Qty:


Fork and Spoon  Includes plastic fork and spoon for easy dipping. 7 3/4" in length. The end to hold is flat and flared for easy control.

(1904-3230)            $3.49                Yes:Qty:

Plastic - Dipping Tools Single

Two Prong Fork                    9" long                                               (D15P)                      $2.59                Yes:Qty:

Dipping Spoon                       8 1/2" long                                        (D15B)                      $2.59                Yes:Qty:

Spiral Spoon                          8 1/2" long                                        (D15S)                      $2.59                Yes:Qty:



Do you prefer Crunchy Add-ins like crisp rice, coconut, toffee crunch etc.?

These just add and mix into chocolate, then mold or pour into Candy Cups


Want Candy To Dip


Looking for candy making kits, oils, cocoa butter, flavorings, chocolate, packaging supplies & much more,

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