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Decorated Cupcake

Decorated Cupcake


Confetti - Alphabetic Order (G through Z)

Confett1 A through F

Edible Shapes for cupcakes, cakes and desserts!


Cupcakes not included, though we can sell you the cups, the pans and the frostings.


A creative way to decorate your cakes, cupcakes and other culinary delights!

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Regular Confetti

Approx. 1/8" to 1/4" dia.      3 oz. Container  $2.09 ea.      10 oz. Container  $6.19 ea.


Regular Size 3 oz.

Large Size 10 oz.

Hearts (pastel)

(CON-HEP)   Yes:Qty:

(CON-1HEP)  Yes:Qty:
Hearts (pink & white) (CON-HPW)  Yes:Qty: (CON-1HPW) Yes:Qty:
Hearts (red-small) (CON-HES)  Yes:Qty: (CON-1HES)  Yes:Qty:
Leaves (fall) (CON-LEF)   Yes:Qty: (CON-1LEF)   Yes:Qty:
Lips (CON-LIP)    Yes:Qty: (CON-1LIP)     Yes:Qty:
Mickey (red/whitt/black) (CON-MRW) Yes:Qty: (CON-1MRW) Yes:Qty:
Mickey (Pastel) (CON-MPA)  Yes:Qty: (CON-1MPA)  Yes:Qty:
Mickey (Primary) (CON-MPR) Yes:Qty: (CON-1MPR)  Yes:Qty:
Pigs (CON-PIG)   Yes:Qty: (CON-1PIG)   Yes:Qty:
Shamrocks (1) (CON-SHA)  Yes:Qty: (CON-1SHA)  Yes:Qty:
Snowflakes (CON-SNO) Yes:Qty: (CON-1SNO)  Yes:Qty
Stars (Pastel) (CON-STP)  Yes:Qty: (CON-1STP)  Yes:Qty:
Stars (red/white/blue) (CON-SRB)  Yes:Qty: (CON-1SRB) Yes:Qty:
Stars (red, white, green) (2) (CON-XST) Yes:Sold out (CON-1XST) Yes:Sold out
Stars & Moons (CON-STM)  Yes:Qty: (CON-1STM) Yes:Qty:



(1) Seasonal: avail. 2/1 thru St. Pats Day (2) Seasonal: avail. 10/1 thru 12/25


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Confetti images are enlarged for clarity, they do not represent actual size