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Cupcake/Dessert Stands and Kits

Show your creative talents with a beautiful display stands


Need cupcake boxes or cupcake papers

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Bold silver finished wire spirals hold each cupcake securely. The towering design is perfect for Holidays, kids parties, showers

and any type of get-together.

24 Count mini cupcake stand.

24 Mini Cupcake Display


Measures 10 1/2" high x 9" wide. Holds 24 mini cupcakes.


(307-250)      $16.99     Yes:Qty:

13 Count standard cupcake stand.

13 Count Standard Display


Measures 9/1/4" high x 9" wide. Hold 13 standard cupcakes.


(307-831)     $14.99    Yes:Qty:

19 Count standard cupcake stand.

19 Count Standard Display


Measures 18" high x 12" wide. Holds 19 standard cupcakes.


(307-666)      $22.99     Yes:Qty:

23 Count standard cupcake stand.

23 Count Standard Display


Measures 12" high x 13" wide. Holds 23 standard cupcakes.


(307-826)     $32.99    Yes:Qty:

38 Count standard cupcake stand.

38 Count Standard Display


Measures 15" high x 18" wide. Holds 38 standard cupcakes.


(307-651)      $44.99     Yes:Qty:

Mini cupcake single holders.Cupcake Pedestals

Give your cupcakes and desserts a lift with these fun pedestals! Each treat can be individually displayed for special guests, or as a part of a larger cupcake centerpiece. Easy to assemble! Just twist the top platform onto the stem base. Perfect for displaying cupcakes, muffins and more. You can turn the pedestal over for the perfect ice cream holder! 4 per pkg. Each measures 5" tall.

(307-839)                  $7.99        Yes:Qty:

White cupcake and treat stand.

White    (1512-127)

$5.99    Yes:Qty:

Black cupcake and treat stand.

Black    (1512-0860)

$6.99    Yes:Qty:

Pink cupcake and treat stand.

Pink    (1512-0884)

$6.99    Yes:Qty:

Damask cupcake and treat stand.

Damask    (1512-0863) $6.99    Yes:Qty:

3-Tier Cupcake/Treat Stands (SHOWN ABOVE)

Be ready for any celebration with this disposable stand. Just assemble, using the instructions included.  Can be left as is or decorate the scalloped border strips with a message or your favorite accents. Holds 24 standard cupcakes. Baking cups are not included. Stand Measures 12" wide x 10 1/2" high.

Baby cupcake stand.

Baby Cupcake Stand


The perfect cupcake or dessert display for welcoming the new little one! Easy to assemble, instructions included. 3 tiers, hold 24 standard cupcakes, and measures 12" wide x 15" tall. Stand only.


(1004-1492)              $6.99        Yes:Qty:

"Sweet Server" cupcake and dessert stand.

Sweet Treats Server

Perfect for cupcakes, brownies, muffins, donuts, bars, tarts, candy, petit fours, marzipan, cookies, éclairs, dipped strawberries & more! This will add a professional touch to your party celebrations or gatherings. 3 tiers, made of food grade polystyrene. Easy assembly. Grease and moisture resistant. Lightweight and durable. Holds approx. 32 to 48 cupcakes.

(DP-11799)               $14.99     Yes:Qty:

Square cupcake stand.

Square Cupcake Stand

Perfect for cupcakes, brownies, muffins, donuts, bars, tarts, candy, petit fours, marzipan, cookies, éclairs, dipped strawberries & more! Top tier suitable for 8" cake. Grease and moisture resistant. Easy to assemble. Holds up to 48 cupcakes.

(BC-sus-tt3sqlb)      $17.99     Yes:Qty:

Cupcake Stand Kits Great for any occasion!!!

Easy as 1-2-3. Bake, decorate, and display! Stand measure 12" diameter bottom and 15" high!

Instructions included.

Aged To Perfection Cupcake Stand Kit.

Aged To Perfection Cupcake Stand Kit


Holds 24 standard cupcakes. Includes 24 cupcake papers and  24 gift shaped fun pix.


(1510-136)       $10.99   Yes:Qty:

Celebration Cupcake Stand Kit.

Celebration Cupcake Stand Kit


Holds 24 standard cupcakes. Includes 24 celebration cupcake papers and 24 party hat fun pix.

(1510-134)      $10.99  Yes:Qty:

Balloons cupcake stand Kit.

Balloons Primary Color Cupcake Stand Kit


Holds 24 Standard cupcakes. Includes 24 primary color cupcake papers and 24 balloon fun pix.

(1510-135)       $10.99   Yes:Qty:

Princess cupcake stand kit.

Princess Cupcake Stand Kit


Holds 24 standard cupcakes. Includes 24 princess cupcake papers and 24 princess fun pix.

(1510-1008)    $10.99  Yes:Qty:

Jungle Pals cupcake stand Kit.

Jungle Pals Cupcake Stand Kit


Holds 24 standard cupcakes. Includes 24 jungle  cupcake papers and 24 jungle fun pix.

(1510-7768)    $10.99   Yes:Qty:

All Star Sports cupcake stand kit.

Sports Cupcake Stand Kit


Hold 24 standard cupcakes. Includes 24 sports baking cups and 24 sports fun pix.

(1510-1009)    $10.99  Yes:Qty:



Cake Displays, Components and Accessories

Bridge Sets  Bridge and stairway sets. Water fountain for cakes.

Cake Levelers, Carriers, and Display Stands  For torting, carrying and displaying cupcakes and desserts.

Cake Display Stands  Fancy cake stands, separator stands, tier sets, scrollwork designs.

Cupcake & Dessert Stands  Large variety of designs and capacities. Regular and disposable.

Electric Turntable  Hands free decorating - professional displays.

Flower Display Accessories  Flower display cups, fresh flower spikes and  flower ring.

Lollipop Display Stands  Wooden rack and wire rack.

Plates  Separator plates, round smooth, round scalloped, round crystal look and square.

Pillars  Hidden, crystal look, Grecian, crystal look spike, Grecian spike, disposable, roman columns and fillable pillars.

Plate and Pillar Sets  Crystal look separator set, roman column tier set, dowel rods and plastic pegs.

Turntables  A must for easy decorating.