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Candyland Crafts

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Candyland Crafts Mermaid CakeLooking for Cake Decorating ideas? Take a brief tour of A Gallery of Cake Decorating Ideas

or visit Candyland Crafts Visitors Cake Gallery - see cakes created & decorated by our visitors.

Great decorating source:     Wilton 2014 Cake Decorating Yearbook

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Baby Favors and Accents  Cake toppers, ornaments and  decorations for attaching to favors.

Bake Ware Shoppe  Pans and pans sets, standard, specialty shapes, "bake & fill" pans, silicone bake ware, cast aluminum, non-stick, measuring cups, soufflé, cookie sheets/pans, cooling grids, baking utensils, and much more.

Baking/Muffin Cups  Standard size. All patterns.

Baking/Muffin Cups  Standard size, solid colors. Includes foil, square, jumbo and king size.

Baking/Muffin Cups (MINI)   Includes petite foil and nut cups.

Baking/Muffin Cups (Specialty)  Includes blossom, petals, ruffles, pleated & scalloped.

Baking/Muffin Cups Combos & Wraps  Includes cupcake combo packs, cupcake wraps and cupcake wraps with picks.

Batter Buddies Create two unique flavor cupcakes and cakes in one easy step.

Boards, Doilies and Ruffled Trims  Plain and waxed.

Book Shoppe   All about candy making, cake decorating, cookies and cupcakes, party and holiday cakes, soap making, sugar paste and weddings.

Brownie Fun Shoppe  Tools, instructions, bake ware, and decorating supplies.

Brushes  For applying dust to gum paste, fondant & cookies. Also for painting with chocolate

Cake Boxes  Plain and window.

Cake Display and Accessories Shoppe  Cake stands, plates, pillars, bridge sets, fountains and gazebos.

Cake Decorating Tips Sets  Tips sets for cakes and cupcakes.

Cake Decoration Set  Make a fairy castle cake.

Cake Dummies  For making display cakes.

Cake Pop Supplies  Books, stands packaging and more. Also push up pop containers and recipe book.

Cake Toppers and Doll Picks  Just place on cake and you're good to go.

Candle Shop  Over 70 different designs to choose from.

Candy Coated Morsels  Tiny chocolate chips with a candy coating.

Character Themes  From Barbie to Star Wars. Pans, accessories, color sets, toppers, candles, baking cups and icing decorations.

Chocolate & Vanilla Glaze  Tasty glaze that goes on smooth and dries to the touch.

Cinnamon Red Hots  Great for cookies, cupcakes brownies and much more. (They are great by themselves too!)

Confetti Shoppe  A must for cookies, cakes, cupcakes, ice cream and more.

Cricut Cake cutting machine  Designed to cut out edible products like SugarVeil, fondant and gum paste.

Cupcake Boxes  A great favor idea.

Cupcake Display Stands  With capacities for mini and standard cupcakes.

Cupcake Papers  Look at Baking/Muffin Cups.

Cookie Shoppe  Cutters and cutter sets. Cookie, pans, sheets, icings, presses and decorating sets.

Decorator Gloves  Plastic and cotton.

Decorations Shoppe  Cake toppers, candy eyes, confetti, dragees, dusting powder, edible glitter, fruit imperials, icings, cinnamon red hots, jimmies, nonpareils and write-on gels.

Decorating Bags  Ateco and Wilton. Polyurethane, plastic coated, canvas, international, decorating syringe and bag holders and ties.

Decorator Bags Disposable  Ateco and Wilton. Also parchment triangles, bag holders and ties.

Decorating Tips  Basket weave, star, flowers, leaf, petal, round, ruffle, and specialty.

Decorating Tip Sets  Cake and cupcake decorating tip sets, bags, press sets, cake dividing sets, tip & tube sets, dessert decorating set and more.

Decorating Stands/Cake Levelers and Domes  Cake, cupcake and party stands, domes, levelers, turntables and lollipop racks.

Dragees and Candy Pearls  Silver, gold and pastel balls.

Dusting Powder  Petal, luster, sparkle and pearl dusts.

Edible Glitter  Like regular glitter but edible.

Equipment  Electric and manual turntables, chocolate fountains, tempering machines, bag sealers, air brush systems and much more.

Fat Daddio's Round cake pans, 2" and 3" deep.

Fat Daddio's Sheet Pans and Square Pans Quality anodized aluminum. 3" deep.

Flavorings and Oils  Over 60 different choices.

Flower Nails  For making icing and royal icing flowers.

Fondant and Gum Paste Index  Dusting powders, flower making sets and  tools, satin ice, gum paste and more.

Food Colorings (powdered)  Food color in powdered form.

Food Writers  Markers with edible ink.

Ice Cream  Supplies for ice cream sundae parties.

Icings and Food Colors Shoppe  Edible icings, dried egg whites, gel based colors and  color sets/kits, no-color icing flavors, candy writers, ingredients, powdered coloring, ready-to-use icings in tubes and pressurized cans, icing sculptor sets.

Icing Decorations Great shaped designs for sports and everyday. (If you need flowers Look at "Royal icing flowers).

Isomalt Sticks & Crystals  Available in 10 colors.

Jimmies (Sprinkles)  Everyone loves sprinkles on anything.

Kids  Cake decorating, candy making and soap making projects for the kids.

Marzipan and Almond Paste  Ready made or make it yourself.

Nonpareils  Tiny little candy dots used for candy , cookies, ice cream and more.

Oils and Flavorings  Over 60 different choices.

Packaging and presentation Index  Cake boards, bases, boxes, doilies & trim, candy boxes, cellophane and poly bags, cupcake/treat servers, cellophane rolls, foils, fillers, filler grass, ribbon, twist ties and stretch loops.

Paint Brushes  For applying dust to gum paste, fondant & cookies. Also for painting with chocolate

Pastry/Decorating Bags  Ateco and Wilton. Polyurethane, plastic coated, canvas, international, decorating syringe and bag holders and ties.

Pastry /Decorating Bags Disposable  Ateco and Wilton. Also parchment triangles, bag holders and ties.  

Pastry Fillings  Ready made for cakes and pastries.

Pastry Forms  Cannoli, cream rolls and lady locks.

Punch Cut Decorate, Page 1  Sugar sheets, book.

Punch Cut Decorate, Page 2  Punch cutting sets, inserts, tools and accessories.

Religious Cake tops, picks and bags.

Rice Krispy Treat  A large treat for eating decorating or sculpting.

Rolling Pins Made from maple. Including kids and springerle.

Royal icing Flowers Ready made flowers to decorate cakes cupcakes and more.

Seasonal Products Shoppe Cake decorating and candy making products for all major seasons and holidays.

Sugars  Sanding, pastel, coarse

SugarVeil  Flexible icing mix and kits. Terrific for bows, drapes and anything that looks like fabric. And tasty too!

Thermometers  Tempering, candy, digital and instant read.

Two-Tone Cupcakes  Make cupcakes with multi color and flavor in one.

Utensils Index  Basting sets, bowls, brushes, sifters, combs, pastry cutters, spatulas, thermometers, rolling pins and  more

Wedding Index  Displays and display accessories, books, figurines, molds, ornaments, candy favor kits and more.

Write-On and Sparkle/Glitter Gels  Great for writing or filling in areas on cakes, cupcakes, ice cream cakes and more.

Trim-n-turn Turntable  lets you decorate, carry and display your cakes.

Turntables  A must for easy decorating

Cake Masterpiece

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