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Candyland Crafts

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Give your cakes & pastries "Blue Ribbon" appeal with this wide

selection of colorful edible and non edible decorations!

Circus train cake.

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For Cakes, Cookies, Cupcakes and Pastry

Cake Toppers & Doll Picks                       Sports, circus and doll picks.

Candy Coated Morsels                          Mini chocolate chips with candy coating.

Candy Colors                                        Oil based colors for tinting chocolate.

Candy Eyes                                           Three sizes, four colors.

Candy Writers                                       Chocolate in a tube.

Cinnamon Red Hots                              That old time Zesty flavor.

Confetti Shoppe                                    Edible shapes for decorating.

Cookie Icing                                          Icing for cookies. Air dries to be hard.

Dragees                                                 Silver, gold, white, pastel.

Dusting Powders                                   Petal, Pearl, Sparkle & Luster Dusts.

Edible Glitter                                         17 beautiful colors.

Edible Icing Decorations                       Ready made designs. 24 different designs.

Food Color Kits, Gel Based                   Chefmaster

Food Color Spray                                  For background color on cakes and flowers.

Food Colors - Airbrush                          Standard and shimmer. For all air brushes.

Food Colors, Gel Based                        Chefmaster

Food Colors, Liqua-Gel                         Chefmaster  in liquid form.

Food Writers                                         Edible markers and royal icing in a tube.

Icing Color Sets                                     Food color in sets.

Icing Colors                                           Spectrum Gels food color.

Icing Colors                                           Wilton Gels/Paste food color.

Icing Sculptor Sets                                Add design to sides of iced cakes.

Icings Shoppe                                       Huge selection.

Ingredients                                            Meringue, color-flow mix, dried egg whites, more.

Jimmies                                                 Also known as sprinkles.

No-Color Flavors                                    Almond, butter, vanilla.

Nonpareils                                             Lots of colors both 5.5 and 12 oz. sizes.

Powdered Food Colorings                     Can be used in chocolate.

Ready to Decorate Icing                        Pressurized cans, ready to use.

Ready to Use Icing                                Butter cream, whip cream and royal icing.

Royal Icing Flowers                              Beautiful pastels in various sizes.

Royal Icing Mix                                     For icing that air dries to be hard.

Sugars                                                   Coarse, lots of colors.

Sugars                                                   Sanding, bright  and pastels.

Tube Icings                                            Ideal for borders and small color patches.

Write on & Sparkle/Glitter Gels             Perfect for writing and shiny areas.