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Fondant Tools & Accessories

The best tools available for professional looking fondant creations!

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10 Piece Fondant and Gum Paste Tool Set

10 Piece Fondant and Gum Paste Tool Set


The tools every decorator needs to create breathtaking gum paste and fondant flowers, leaves and accents. Precise modeling tools feature comfortable grips for easy handling. Colored grips and numbered tips make tools easy to identify. Convenient case keeps the 10 piece set organized and handy. Includes modeling tools, thick and thin, veining tools, sm. and lg., shell and knife tool, dog bone tool sm. and lg., serrated quilting wheel and cutting wheel. Umbrella tool, 6 division side and 5 division side, serrated tool, cone tool, ball tool sm. and lg. Included are complete instructions and diagrams for each tool.


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Deluxe Gum Paste Tool Set.Deluxe Gum Paste Tool Set

4 dual-action tools feature contoured handles with pebbled detail for a sure grip. Each grip has a signature color for easy identification.

Cutting tool - Angled for easy rolling! Straight wheel cuts strips, ridged wheel imprints quilted detail on gum paste and fondant.

Quilling tool - Stainless steel tines wind strips of gum paste for creating dimensional loops that can be shaped into a variety of designs.

Knife/Needle tool - Stainless steel blade for fine cutting and trimming. Needle for releasing air bubbles in rolled out fondant and marking pin holes for positioning cut-outs or garlands.

Cutter brush- Rigid nylon bristles loosen gum paste from cutter edges and detail areas, keeping them clean so your next cut will be as precise as your last. Soft nylon brush removes excess gum paste or fondant around cut-out shapes.

3 classic tools sized especially for handling small gum paste pieces.

Scissors - Cut gum paste shapes and pre-made stamens. Wire cutters above handle cut thin wires for stems.

Tweezers - Wide beveled head is the ideal shape for lifting small petals and leaves.

Palette knife - Angled shape for easy lifting of large decorations.

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Dusting Pouches

Dusting Pouches

Essential for rolling out gum paste or fondant. Fabric pouch dusts surfaces with a cornstarch and confectioners sugar mixture to prevent rolling pin from sticking. Set of 4 each 7" in diameter.

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Guide Rings For 20" Rolling Pin

Guide Rings For 20" Rolling Pin

Slip these easy to use guide rings to the end of your 20" rolling pin to achieve the perfect thickness every time. Includes 3 different sizes. 1/16" (blue), 3/16" (gold) and 1/8" (orange). These only work with Wilton's 20" rolling pin.

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20" Rolling Pin

20" Rolling Pin

Has an extra wide smooth design for covering cakes with rolled fondant. It's non- stick surface makes handling large pieces easy. Just dust the surface with confectioner's sugar and roll out fondant to the size you need, then use the rolling pin to lift the fondant from your work surface to the cake. Great for rolling out pastry dough and pie crusts too. 1 1/2" diameter  x 20" long.

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9" Rolling Pin

Rolling Pin

Roll out fondant evenly, with this 5 piece non- stick roller. Includes 2- 1/8" and 2- 1/16" rolling pin rings. Just the right size for preparing small amounts of fondant for your cakes. Measures 9" x 1" diameter.

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Roll & Cut Mat

Roll & Cut Mat

Pre-marked circles for correct sizing and a square grid for precision strips. Non-stick surface for easy release. 20" square with circles from 3" to 19".

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Fondant Imprint Mats

Give your fondant cakes an extra exciting new texture with these easy to use imprint mats.

Just smooth your fondant over the mat, place on your cake and peel back the mat.

The recessed design imprinted in the fondant adds beautiful definition that helps even white cakes stand out.

Also great for creating textured fondant ribbons and edging. 20" x 20".

Happy Birthday Imprint Mat

Happy Birthday



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Star Power Imprint Mat

Star Power



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Floral Fantasy Imprint Mat


Floral Fantasy



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Graceful Vines Imprint Mat


Graceful Vines



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Other Fondant, Gum Paste and Marzipan Supplies

Classes  Want to learn how to decorate, make flowers and work with gum paste? Kits and books for home classes.

Punch Cut Decorate, Page 1  Sugar sheets, book.

Punch Cut Decorate, Page 2  Punch cutting sets, inserts, tools and accessories.

Flower Making Sets and Tools  Cut and press sets, flower forming sets and stamen sets.

Food Writing Sets  Food decorating pens and icing writers. 2 to 10 pc. sets. Perfect for fondant, gum paste, cookies and more!

Fondant and Gum Paste Pads  Foam cell pads from Jem, Wilton, Ateco and CelCakes.

Fondant Cutouts and Molds  Includes cutters, cutter/embosser sets, ribbon embossers and mold sets.

Fondant Tools and Accessories  Fondant & gum paste tools, rolling pins, roll & cut mats and imprint mats.

Fondant Smoothers  Plastic and stainless steel.

Satin Ice Fondant  Some of the world's renowned cake designers and sugar artists call Satin Ice their brand of choice for rolled fondant. available in white and colors. (vanilla). Also in chocolate.

Wilton Fondant  Wilton Ready-to-use fondant in white and  colors. (vanilla)

Ingredients and Gum Paste  Ingredients for fondant and gum paste, along with ready made gum paste for making flowers and figurines. Includes satin ice gum paste.

Powdered Dry Fondant (for Creme Centers etc) Use for candy centers, or make as a poured icing for small cakes and petite fours.

How To Make and Use Fondant  Rolled fondant preparation and application. Useful tips.

Marzipan  Marzipan is a paste made of ground almonds, sugar, and egg whites, used to mold edible flowers or fruit to decorate your cake. Marzipan can also be rolled in sheets, like fondant, and used as icing.

Dusting Powders  Petal, luster, sparkle, pearl and highlighters. Great for dusting flowers and fondant.