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Chefmaster Gel Based Food Colors

To achieve light colors to dark colors, this is it!


No peanuts.

Chefmaster Gels & Liqua Gels are manufactured in a plant

that does NOT have peanuts or peanut derivatives or tree nuts.


Please note: Colors can vary from that seen on computer monitors

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Tulip Red  Tulip Red "No taste" (CH-7382)    $2.39   Yes:Qty:
Super Red  Super Red (CH-7366)    $2.39  Yes:Qty:
Red Red  Red Red (CH-7362)    $2.39  Yes:Qty:
Christmas Red  Christmas Red (CH-7374)    $2.39  Yes:Qty:
Burgundy Wine  Burgundy Wine (CH-7354)    $2.39  Yes:Qty:
deep Pink  Deep Pink (CH-7342)    $2.39  Yes:Qty:
Sunset Orange  Sunset Orange (CH-7338)    $2.29   Yes:Qty:
Georgia Peach  Georgia Peach (CH-7352)    $2.29  Yes:Qty:
Bakers Rose  Bakers Rose (CH-7346)    $2.39  Yes:Qty:
Rose Pink  Rose Pink (CH-7350)    $2.39   Yes:Qty:
Golden Yellow  Golden Yellow (CH-7326)    $2.29  Yes:Qty:
Lemon Yellow  Lemon Yellow (CH-7390)    $2.29  Yes:Qty:
Forest Green  Forest Green (CH-7328)    $2.29  Yes:Qty:
Mint Green  Mint Green (CH-7334)    $2.29  Yes:Qty:
Leaf Green  Leaf Green (CH-7330)    $2.29  Yes:Qty:
Teal Green  Teal Green (CH-7336)    $2.29  Yes:Qty:
Royal Blue  Royal Blue (CH-7306)    $2.29  Yes:Qty: 
Sky Blue  Sky Blue (CH-7310)    $2.29  Yes:Qty:
No Fade Purple  No Fade Purple (CH-7380)    $4.19   Yes:Qty:
Violet  Violet (CH-7386)    $2.39  Yes:Qty:
Buckeye Brown  Buckeye Brown (CH-7314)    $2.29  Yes:Qty:
Coal Black  Coal Black (CH-7302)    $2.29  Yes:Qty:
Ivory Gel  Ivory Gel (CH-7337)    $2.29  Yes:Qty:



Custom mixing color chart

Chefmaster Food Color Kits

Chefmaster Liqua-Gel Colors


From the leader in the field: Chefmaster! These are strong, bright, vivid colors that are highly concentrated gel base colors (also known as paste colors). They blend faster and are easier.

For pastel colors add just a little, and the darker you want them the more color you add. 1 oz. jars.