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Candyland Crafts

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Gift Cards

A Gift that never disappoints - just keeps on giving!!!

For you, or that "special person" you know who enjoys candy making, cake decorating or soap crafts.
They will really appreciate your generosity & thoughtfulness!

Candyland Crafts Gift Cards:

Never expire
Can be for any amount
Additional money can be added to the Card at any time
Can be used on-line or at our store
Use for an entire purchase or only a portion of one
Free postage - will be sent anywhere you choose
Are never taxed


Redemption instructions are included with each Gift Card.

Purchase Your Gift Card


Yes, please send a Gift Card for the following amount*:


If you are sending this Gift Card to someone, and would like us

to include a personal message from you, simply enter it here:



* Value in $USA - to convert from other currencies  →  Currency Converter

How to Redeem Your Gift Cards

At our store: Simply present to cashier at time of purchase


On line: Each Gift Certificate is numbered. Finish your product selection and go to View Cart or

Check Out as you normally would. Select Payment By Gift Card, and go to page 2 of the Shopping Cart. At the bottom of the cart there is a text "Comments" box. Enter the Gift Card Number there.


The Gift Card number is the last 5 digits of the Gift Card 18 digit serial number. It is on the back of the card - see images below.


We will notify you by email as to how much you will be charged (if anything)


If the Gift Card covers the entire purchase - we'll let you know what the card was worth, and the new credit balance on the card.

If the Gift Card covers part of the purchase - we'll tell you how much credit you got towards your order, and how much you owe before we ship.