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Glossary for Cake Decorators & Candy Makers

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AIRBRUSH COLORS are liquid food colors designed for spray application on cakes, cupcakes, cookies or other pastries.

ALMOND PASTE a confection consisting of sugar, ground almonds & glucose often made into shaped/molded sweets. Like marzipan but a stronger flavor.

BAKING MATS non stick silicone sheets for use in all ovens (from -40 deg. to +480 deg. F); provide even heat transfer

BUTTER CREAM an icing used as a cake filling, coating or decoration. In simplest form it's made by creaming butter with icing sugar. Butter Cream is also a flavor for a candy filling.

CAKE BOARDS shaped (round, square, rectangular, scalloped, etc) sheets for displaying/transportation OF cakes. Made from various materials and coatings. See also RUFFLE BOARDS.

CAKE DOILIES placed under cakes (& on top of a rigid cake board). Cake doilies have fancy doily-like edging designs
CAKE DUMMIES shaped (round, square, rectangular) polystyrene form pieces used for cake displays (stores, bakeries, etc). The dummies (which are purchased plain) are then frosted/decorated on the outside to simulate a real cake.

CAKE FIGURINES basically a CAKE TOPPER representing human figures, very popular for wedding cakes.
CAKE FOIL WRAP treated (non toxic grease resistant) foil used to cover cake boards, for displaying cakes.
CAKE FIGURINES or CAKE TOPPERS. Popular for celebrations like weddings, anniversaries, etc.

CAKE TESTER a simple but reliable way to see if your cake is done. Insert the stainless test probe in the cake during baking, if batter "sticks" the cake isn't done, if it doesn't stick, it's ready to take out of the oven.
CAKE TOPPERS themed 3D models (made from non edible - and reusable -materials) placed on the top of cakes or cupcakes.
CANDY CRUNCHIES (ADD INS) prepared fillings (ie: coconut, peanut brittle, peppermint, etc.) for inside home made molded chocolate pieces. See also
CANDY EYES edible cake/pastry decorations (look like eyes) in sizes from 3/16" - 3/8" dia & various colors
CANDY FILLINGS soft or firm fillings to insert into your chocolate molds. Many flavors & types.
MOLDS for details

CANDY MORSELS mini chocolate chips with a candy coating (like M&M's)
CANDY TO DIP refers to either prepared confectionery fillings, or individual candy pieces that are inserted inside molded home made chocolate candy pieces. See also
CANDY WRITERS tubes filled with colored chocolate. When heated in hot water the chocolate melts and is squeezed from the tubes to decorate cakes, cupcakes etc. Candy Writers are designed for, and used extensively, to decorate, and add color details in molded chocolate candy pieces.  The are different from
ICING WRITERS, which are used in the same way, but contain icing/frosting not chocolate.
CANNOLI are Italian pastry desserts - tubed shaped shells of fried pasta & filled with a creamy sweet filling called cannoli cream. It's usually made from mascarpone or sweetened ricotta cheese blended with vanilla, chocolate, wine, or other flavorings.
CARAMEL a confection, orange to dark brown in color, with a sweet toasted flavor. Made from the caramelization (oxidation through controlled cooking) of sugar. The word caramel also describes a soft, chewy caramel flavored candy (made by boiling milk, sugar, butter, oil, syrup, vanilla, glucose gum & water).
CAROB is a chocolate substitute. Made from the pods of the Carob tree, it does not contain cholesterol, caffeine, Theo bromine or oxalic acid as chocolate does. Carob is naturally sweeter than chocolate, so you don't use as much of it in recipes, which reduces your total sugar intake (healthier for you).
CHARACTER PAN bakeware that is shaped for making cakes in a representation of specific, usually trademarked, "characters" (like Mickey Mouse). Same basic idea as
SHAPED PANS (which are generic popular but common themes).
CHOCOLATE WAFERS pre formed chocolate pieces (in wafers about 1" in dia.). Come in many different colors. They are easy to handle and can be eaten as is, or used to melt for making molded chocolate candy pieces.
CINNAMON RED HOTS small cinnamon flavored candy pieces (created by the Ferrara Candy Co., Chicago IL, in the 1930's). They can be eaten as is or used as cake - pastry - cupcake - cookie decorations.
COCOA BUTTER is the edible natural fat of the cocao bean, extracted during the process of making chocolate. As one of the ingredients in chocolate - it gives chocolate the property of being solid at room temperature, but will also "melt in your mouth". It's the only (Cocao tree) ingredient in White Chocolate. Cocoa butter is extremely stable, and has a shelf life of 2 to 5 years. It has many non food applications.
COLOR-FLOW MIX a confectionary icing mix (made with dried egg whites & a whipping agent) that when prepared (add sugar & water) is stiff enough for making detailed icing decorations for cakes. When it dries, color flow is shinier and stiffer than ROYAL ICING.
CONFETTI we are referring to the 'edible" sugar cake decorations (not shredded paper) - they come in many different designs and colors for just about any occasion. They are available in 3 or 10 oz. containers, and are "sprinkled" over the pastry like sugar.
COOKIE PRESS a mechanical devise that you fill with prepared cookie dough, then using a handle, press out the cookies on a cookie sheet ready for decorating/baking. Presses come with various discs for different designs/shapes.
COOKIE SCOOP similar to the old fashioned ice cream scoop, but designed to make cookie making easy and uniform in size.
COUPLERS & nuts (usually plastic) allow the decorator to interchange standard
DECORATING TIPS/TUBES without having to empty the contents of a DECORATING BAG.
DECORATING BAGS cone shaped bags used for cake/pastry decorating. Filled with frosting at the large end, when closed off and squeezed through the small end (into which a
DECORATING TIP has been placed) a wide variety of shaped designs are created. Bags come in many materials and sizes.
DECORATING GLOVES plastic or cloth gloves to protect hands while decorating
DECORATING SETS preselected tool sets for cake decorators - from beginners to professionals. Includes items like: decorating bags, tips, couplers, couplers, scrapers, spatulas, flower nails, instructions, food colors, cake testers, decorating gloves.
DECORATING TIPS/TUBES are basic tools for any cake decorator. Most often stainless steel and cone shaped for fastening to a
DECORATING BAG they come in a bewildering variety of sizes, shapes and styles (even designs for left handed decorators) - ie: rounds, leaf, ruffle, flower, plain., star, ribbon, basket weave. A numbering system is used to designate sizes (larger numbers mean larger tips).
DIPPING TOOLS utensils designed for easy dipping of candy centers, fruit, nuts, citrus peels, bon bons, marshmallows, cookies, swirls, eggs, etc. Stainless steel or plastic - shapes include: grids, prongs, ovals, swirls, triangular.
DISPLAY STANDS a somewhat broad term, in cake decorating includes single and multi-tiered stands for cake presentation. Also called cake caddies, turntables, plate and pillar sets.
CAKE TOPPER with a doll design.
DUSTING POWDERS are non-toxic decorating colors designed for use with gumpaste, fondant flowers, plaques, etc that result in highly realistic and artistic finishes. Not a food additive, may be mixed with alcohol/oil for painting and highlighting. Types include -
EDIBLE GLITTER, sprinkled on a treat, gives brilliant highlight, stencils, borders, or general background colors. 17 bright colors available. See also
NON-PAREILS, JIMMIES, SPRINKLES, DRAGEES and CONFETTI for other decorative toppings.
FILLER GRASS made from shredded cellophane or paper, is used to provide a colorful cushioned base for different kinds of treats or crafts. Makes a colorful and professional package. Shredded or crinkled filler.
FLAVORINGS are highly concentrated liquid additives that add flavors to candy, chocolate, ice cream, beverages, pie, and just about any confectionery treat you can think of. Available in a bewildering variety of choices.
FLOWER LIFTER a tool used to easily remove confectionary flowers from

FLOWER NAILS - look like big thumbtacks - provides the control you need when piping icing flowers. The nail is turned between your fingers as you pipe a flower on the head. Easy to place/remove on a cake.
FONDANT is a confection with many uses: that perfectly smooth white coating for cakes, the gooey center of your chocolate covered cherry, the topping on a petit four (fancy decorated/frosted teacake). In simplest form it is sugar & water cooked to the soft-ball stage (corn syrup is generally added to prevent graining). cooled slightly & stirred or beaten until it's an opaque mass of creamy consistency. It can be confused with
SUGAR PASTE which is similar but contains Arabic gum. See also FONDANT (ROLLED) and FONDANT (DRY)

FONDANT (ROLLED) is ideally suited for cake decorating. Makes great perfectly smooth coatings. See also FONDANT and FONDANT (DRY).

FONDANT (DRY) for candy making. Dry fondant mix is basically pure cane sugar mixed with 3% invert sugar. Invert sugar has been processed (sucrose is hydrolyzed to make glucose & fructose). When dry fondant is prepared (often mixed with whipping cream and butter) it makes a high quality fondant ideal for soft candy centers, candy coatings, cordials, etc. Great also for fine-grained fudges and caramels. See also FONDANT and FONDANT (ROLLED)  
FOOD COLORS are edible coloring additives for cakes, pastries, candies, cupcakes, cookies, etc. Available as
FOOD WRITERS are used like marking pens to draw designs and text on cookies, royal icing, fondant, crackers, etc. (any hard, porous textured food product). They do not give the same color hues, depths as other methods, but they are convenient to use. They are different than
ICING WRITERS which are liquid base squeezable colors.
CINNAMON RED HOTS but have a a fruit flavor. Come in various colors.
GEL BASED FOOD COLORINGS are strong bright highly concentrated colors in a clear gel base. More concentrated than the liquid based food colors. Easy to blend, consistent quality, freeeze/thaw stable. Come in 24 basic colors, but can be mixed/combined using mixing formulas as a guide, to create almost any color or shade needed. Food colors are also available as either

GLYCERIN is stirred into dried out icings to restore consistency. It also has many other food applications: flavor solvents; softening, thickening & emulsifying agents.
GUM PASTE another name for
HIGHLIGHTING DUST POWDER gives fondant or gum paste a very high sheen. They come in silver or gold. See also
DUSTING POWDERS, and any of the following types: LUSTER, SPARKLE or PEARL.
ICING MIX pre prepared icings to which to add different ingredients (depends on what type of mix you start with) like water, sugar, flavor or color) before application.
ICING or ICINGS are coatings (frosting) for baked goods with basic ingredients of sugar, butter, water, milk, egg whites. There are many other ingredients used like stabilizers, colorants & flavors.
ICING WRITERS are liquid icing in a tube, then squeezed to create colorful designs, lettering, etc on cakes or pastries. Becomes hard when air dried, and is perfect for decorating cookies. Similar in application to
CANDY WRITERS, which are chocolate rather than frosting filled.
INVERTASE a natural product (enzyme) used to change
FONDANT from a solid to a cream like consistency.
JIMMIES are also known as "sprinkles", small rod shaped (about 1/16" dia. up to 1/4" long) bits of chocolate used as a condiment like decoration on cakes, chocolate, pastries, cookies, ice cream. Made in many colors and color combinations.
LIQUID BASED FOOD COLORINGS are strong bright colors in a liquid base. Applications are similar to
GEL BASED colorings. Easy to blend, consistent quality, freeze/thaw stable. Come in 12 basic colors, but can be mixed/combined using mixing formulas as a guide, to create almost any color or shade needed. Also available are POWDERED FOOD COLORS.
LUSTER DUST POWDER gives fondant or gum paste subtle colors with high sheen, and metallic like finish. Available in over 50 colors. See also "dusting powders". See also
DUSTING POWDERS, and any of the following types: HIGHLIGHTING, PETAL, SPARKLE or PEARL
MAGI-CAKE STRIPS reusable aluminized cotton strips wrapped around the outside of the cake pan to ensure even baking (prevents rising cake centers & crusty edges)
MARZIPAN a confection consisting of sugar, ground almonds & glucose often made into shaped/molded sweets. Like
ALMOND PASTE but smoother and more pliable.
MERINGUE POWDER made primarily from dried egg whites, flavors & stabilizers. It's a good safe substitute to using raw egg white. It is perfect for icing and frostings. As an ingredient , adds body/stiffness  to
MOLDS are raised shapes within rectangular plastic or rubber sheets into which chocolate (low melting temp - usually around 100 F), hard candy (high melting temp - around 325 F) or non edible craft materials are poured and hardened for 3D representations. A high temperature mold can be used with low temperature materials but not the reverse. Always check that the mold is designed for high temperatures before making hard candy!
NONPAREILS are decorative confections of tiny sugar balls, sprinkled on top, and available in many different colors.
PARVE CHOCOLATE is kosher chocolate. It's made dairy free.
PASTRY BRUSHES are brushes designed for food/pastry use. Designed for easy use, clean lines to avoid bacteria accumulation areas, reduced bristle loss, very pliable, withstands heat.
PEARL DUST POWDER gives fondant or gum paste flowers a shimmery (glistening) luster. You can also achieve subtle translucent or iridescent reflective sheen. Available in 7 basic colors. See also
DUSTING POWDERS, and any of the following types: LUSTER, PETAL, SPARKLE or HIGHLIGHTING.
PETAL DUST POWDER gives fondant or gum paste flowers deep hues and a matte finish. When brushed very realistic flowers are possible. 48 colors available. See also
DUSTING POWDERS, and any of the following types: LUSTER, SPARKLE, PEARL or HIGHLIGHTING.
PIPING GELS (also called
WRITE-ON-GELS) are various transparent edible gel colors used to decorate/write on cakes. Also used as a 'glue' for holding small decorative pieces in place. Made from sugar, corn syrup, water, preservatives, vegetable gums & color dyes. Available in squeezable tubes. Liquid at room temperature.
PLATES AND PILLER SETS are fancy (usually multi-tiered) cake methods of displaying cakes. See also
POWDERED FOOD COLORS are excellent to use when you don't want (or can't) use a water based food color. Used extensively for candy and molded chocolate pieces. Other forms available are
LIQUID BASED and GEL BASED food colorings.
ROYAL ICING is a hard icing made from egg whites (or uses
MERINGUE POWDER as a substitute) , powdered sugar & sometimes lemon juice. It's often considered a decorative icing, made into formed shaped icing pieces. Candyland sells preformed ROYAL ICING flowers in various sizes and colors. They make beautiful cake or pastry decorations. Since royal icing dries with a hard surface, it's great for pre-making flowers or decorative icing pieces; which can then be placed on the finished cake/confection.
RUFFLE BOARDS a combination
CAKE BOARD and RUFFLE BOARD for elegant presentations
SHAPED PANS bakeware that is shaped for making cakes in 2D and/or 3D representation of specific themes - flowers, toys, animals (almost any subject you can think of). Same basic idea as
CHARACTER PANS (which are usually trademarked characters like Mickey Mouse).
CAKE BOARDS with scalloped lace edgings
SOAP MOLDS See MOLDS for details

SPARKLE DUST POWDER gives fondant or gum paste an effect similar to LUSTER DUST, but has larger grain size, gives flowers a wet or dewy look. 7 basic colors available. See also "dusting powders". See also DUSTING POWDERS, and any of the following types: HIGHLIGHTING, PETAL or PEARL
SPRINKLES another name for
STRETCH LOOPS coated elastic loops (different colors and sizes) for fancy closure of candy and/or treat boxes.
SUGAR PASTE also called
GUM PASTE is a pliable sugar dough, like FONDANT but it contains gums to make it more elastic, and easier to model with (like clay). It can be made into figurines, animals, dolls, just about anything you can model. It can also be built up in pieces stuck together. It's better than FONDANT for delicate flowers, thin sections, or intricate & fragile designs.
SUGARS make colorful, sweet decorations for all types of baked goods. Many colors are available: both traditional rainbow bright colors, and pastels. "Coarse sugar" has large grains, "sanding sugar" has a fine consistency.
TEMPERING - chocolate needs to be tempered before use as a confection. If not it is a dull brown solid mass with chalky white or gray streaks (and often a chalky taste). Tempered chocolate is shiny, smooth in looks and breaks crisply. Manufacturers temper their own bulk chocolate, but some aficionados enjoy doing it themselves, and some claim "it's the only way" to get premium chocolate.
CHOCOLATE WAFERS from Candyland are oil based designed for molding, making pieces, etc. and do not need to be tempered. We also have TEMPERING CHOCOLATE available.
TEMPERING CHOCOLATE is chocolate made with
COCOA BUTTER and preferred by chocolate enthusiasts who want to temper their own.
TUBED ICINGS are used to create flowers, borders and other cake or baked goods decorative designs. Conveniently available 11 colors, and 4 1/2 oz. tubes, when applied with
DECORATING TIPS really simplifies the whole job.
TURNTABLES used to make decorating easy (rotate 360 degrees), and to show or display cakes - see
TWIST TIES are a classy alternative to ribbon. Come in various colors.
TWISTING CELLOPHANE SHEETS (cellophane sheets and wax paper) are ideal for wrapping candy pieces, caramel and confections generally. Once twisted stays twisted.
WAFERS same as