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Candyland Crafts

201 West Main Street, Somerville NJ 08876

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Especially for Kids

Learn how to make delicious cake and candy treats!!

Kids love to decorate, and to learn how to make things! Depending on ages and interests, many adult decorating products for cake decorating, candy making and soap making can be used by children as well. Adult guidance & supervision is always recommended to be sure children (especially those younger) understand proper procedures and safety practices. A large majority of products offered by Candyland Crafts can also be used by properly supervised children. The products referenced on this page are designed specifically for kids........

Candy Making:

            Molds Nice selection of molds about kids and kids' stuff!

            Beginner Candy Making  While this is not for small children, if you are, or have a

            teen who would like to learn candy making, this is a good place to start.

Cake Decorating:

            Beginner Cake Decorating While this is not for small children, if you are, or

            have teen who would like to learn cake decorating, this is a good place to start.

Cookie Making:

            Plastic Nesting Cookie Cutter sets Create pretty blooms with plastic cutters.

            The making is as much fun as the eating! Child-safe design means kids can have a

            great time helping.

            Perimeter Cookie Cutters Choose from 22 individual brightly colored (child safe

            design) cutter shapes, as much fun making as cooking!

            Plastic Multi-piece Sets Each cutter has comfortable 1/4" wide plastic edge.

            Numbers, letters, holiday shapes, animals. From 50 to 101 piece sets.

Cupcake Making:

Silly-Feet Silicone Baking Cup

Silly-Feet Baking Cups  Kids will love cupcakes made & presented

with  these "Silly-Feet" silicone baking cups. Comes in a set of bright

colors> yellow-purple-blue and orange


Making Cupcakes: See "Super-Duper Cupcakes" book under the Cupcakes Section

Party Ideas for Children 20 themes that kids will love!

There are other introductory books available for kids. We suggest you browse

the following listings - book descriptions indicate which ones are suitable for kids.

Party Cakes/Holiday  and  Cookies and Cupcakes

Soap Making (and related Activity Kits):

            Kits: Complete Line of Soap Making Kits  Age 12 up.

            Totally Cool Soapmaking for Kids. Book> Loads of projects! Ages 7 to 12.