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Cake Decorated with Gold Shimmer Food ColorAir Brush Colors

Quality liquid food colors designed for airbrush systems


Adds a very creative touch! These colors have the impact and intensity needed for virtually all cake decorating airbrush applications. These can be mixed to create just about any desired color. With the addition of just a few drops of the opaque white color, you can produce soft pastel tones and grays.   

at left, an example of what you can do with gold shimmer food color!

Colors from Kopykake Inc.

4 oz. "Kroma Kolor" snap top containers$3.99

Black           (KK-BLK)             Yes: Qty:               Blue                  (KK-BLU)            Yes: Qty:

Brown          (KK-BRO)            Yes: Qty:               Peach  (Flesh)   (KK-FLE)            Yes: Qty:

Green          (KK-GRE)             Yes: Qty:               Orange             (KK-ORG)           Yes: Qty:

Pink             (KK-PIN)              Yes: Qty:               Red                   (KK-RED)           Yes: Qty:

Violet          (KK-VIO)               Yes: Qty:               White               (KK-WHT)           Yes: Qty:

Yellow          (KK-YEL)             Yes: Qty:             Cleaner*  9 oz.   (KK-CLE)  $6.89  Yes: Qty:


Kroma Kolor Air Brush Color Kit

 Contains 11 - 4 oz. jars color, red, yellow, orange, pink, flesh, green, blue, violet, brown, black and white. Also 1 - 4 oz. jar of airbrush cleaner.

 (K4Z12)                     $30.00   Yes: Qty:  


Shimmer Colors From Lucks

Click on colors for product Image. 4 oz. screw top containers are $14.99 ea.

Blue             (PH-43708)           Yes: Qty:               Bronze              (PH-43728)         Yes: Qty:

Copper         (PH-43731)           Yes: Qty:               Gold                  (PH-43542)         Yes: Qty:

Green           (PH-43730)           Yes: Qty:               Lavender          (PH-43729)         Yes: Qty:

Pearl            (PH-43706)           Yes: Qty:               Pink                  (PH-43707)         Yes: Qty:

Red              (PH-43709)           Yes: Qty:               Silver                (PH-43543)         Yes: Qty:


* You might also be interested in a cleaner - it's great way to keep your air brush clean. 9 oz. of cleaner $6.89

Kroma Kolor Cleaner     (KK-CLE)            Yes: Qty:



 the Kroma-Jet electric (110V) airbrush/compressor system

more cake decorating and candy making equipment