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Liquid Base Food ColorsLiqua-Gel Based Food Colors

From the leader in the Industry Chefmaster!


No peanuts.

Chefmaster Gels & Liqua Gels are manufactured in a plant

that does NOT have peanuts or peanut derivatives or tree nuts.


Please note: Colors may vary from that seen on computer monitors             

2.3 oz. bottles. $4.99 ea.      

Tulip Red Liqua-Gel Food Color

Tulip Red              (CH-5076)   "No Taste"   Yes:Qty:

Red Red Liqua-Gel Food Color

Red Red                (CH-5061)                      Yes:Qty:

Sunset Orange Liqua-Gel Food Color

Sunset Orange       (CH-5036)                      Yes:Qty:

Rose Pink Liqua-Gel Food Color

Rose Pink              (CH-5046)                      Yes:Qty:

Lemon Yellow Liqua- Gel Food Color.

Lemon Yellow       (CH-5086)                     Yes:Qty:

Golden Yellow Liqua-Gel Food Color Golden Yellow      (CH-5026)                     Yes:Qty:

Leaf Green Liqua-Gel Food Color Leaf Green           (CH-5031)                      Yes:Qty:

Teal Green Liqua-Gel Food Color

Teal Green           (CH-5034)                      Yes:Qty:

Royal Blue Liqua-Gel Food Color

Royal Blue            (CH-5011)                      Yes:Qty:

Sky Blue Liqua-Gel Food Color

Sky Blue                (CH-5016)                      Yes:Qty:

Violet Liqua-Gel Food Color

Violet                    (CH-5081)                      Yes:Qty:

Buckeye Brown Liqua-Gel Food Color

Buckeye Brown     (CH-5021)                      Yes:Qty:

Coal Black Liqua-Gel Food Color

Coal Black             (CH-5006)                      Yes:Qty:



Custom Mixing Formulas for Food Colors

Chefmaster Gel Based Food Colors

Chefmaster Food Color Kits


Packaged in an easy to use squeeze bottle,

these are similar to the Gel Based colors, but in a liquid form for consistent bright and vivid colors.