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Dusting Powder: Luster DustDecorated Chocolate Mask

Decorated Chocolate MaskGive life & realism to your flowers, cakes and pastries!

Luster dusts give subtle colors with a high sheen metallic-like finish. They can be used either alone, or mixed with similar colored matte dusts to create a lustrous sheen, without lightening the color. Brushed on white, they exhibit color and a metallic sheen. Not water soluble. Contains 2 or more of: Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide, Carmine, Mica - Non toxic.


Chocolate Masks are made from  Mold M-158  and decorated with Luster Dust.


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Please note that actual colors may vary from those shown here due to color scanning
and/or the computer monitor used for viewing. Luster Dust is non-returnable.

Luster Dust comes in 2 gram vials and is $3.99 per vial


   Click on any color patch below for a larger image

Raspberry  Raspberry  (87) Yes:Qty:
Cranberry  Cranberry  (61) Yes:Qty:
Super Red  Super Red  (60) Yes:Qty:
Tulip  Tulip  (102) Yes:Qty:
Salmon  Salmon  (71) Yes:Qty:
Rose Pink  Pink Rose   (58) Yes:Qty:
Orchid Pink  Pink  Sherbet (57) Yes:Qty:
Coral  Coral  (56) Yes:Qty:
Shrimp  Shrimp  (59) Yes:Qty:
Champagne  Champagne  (94)  Yes:Qty:
Spiced Pumpkin  Spiced Pumpkin  (83) Yes:Qty:
Golden Bronze  Golden Bronze  (80) Yes:Qty:
Canary Yellow  Canary Yellow  (98) Yes:Qty:
Yellow  Yellow  (97) Yes:Qty:
Georgia Peach  Georgia Peach  (81) Yes:Qty:
Super Gold Super Gold  (88) Yes:Qty:
Old Gold  Antique Gold  (89) Yes:Qty:
GoldGreen Gold: Green  (90) Yes:Qty:
Oyster  Oyster  (79) Yes:Qty:
Super Green  Super Green*  (66) Yes:Qty:
Emerald  Emerald  (67) Yes:Qty:
Light Green  Light Green  (62) Yes:Qty:
Avacado   Avocado *   (64) Yes:Qty:
Holly Green  Holly Green *  (69) Yes:Qty:
Antique Green   Antique Green  (68) Yes:Qty:
Khaki Green  Khaki Green  (63) Yes:Qty:
Olive Green    Olive Green  (65) Yes:Qty:
Midnight Blue    Midnight Blue (75) Yes:Qty:
Peacock Blue   Peacock Blue  (105) Yes:Qty:
Super Blue   Periwinkle *  (76) Yes:Qty:
Sapphire Blue   Sapphire Blue *  (77) Yes:Qty:
Teal    Caribbean blue (70) Yes:Qty:
Violet    Violet *  (74) Yes:Qty:
Mauve   Mauve *  (72) Yes:Qty:
Grape   Grape  (99) Yes:Qty:
Smoky Amethyst   Smoky Amethyst (73) Yes:Qty:
Moonstone  Pewter (92) Yes:Qty:
Ruby  Ruby  (100) Yes:Qty:
Burgundy  Burgundy  (86) Yes:Qty:
Rouge Flambe  Rouge Flambé  (84) Yes:Qty:
Claret  Claret  (85) Yes:Qty:
Copper  Copper Penny  (82) Yes:Qty:
Tan Opal  Tan Opal  (78) Yes:Qty:
Aztec Gold   Inca Gold  (101) Yes:Qty:
 Cantaloupe  (115) Yes:Qty:
Brown  Brown  (95) Yes:Qty:
Mahogany  Mahogany  (96) Yes:Qty:
Nu Silver  Nu Silver  (93)  Yes:Qty:
Silver Foliage  Silver Foliage  (91) Yes:Qty:
Antique Silk  Antique Silk  (104) Yes:Qty:
Silk White  Silk White  (103) Yes:Qty:

 If you are having troubles with color selection, or have any question about the use or application of Dusting Powders feel free to Contact Us or call toll free: 1-877-487-4289



Dusting Powders for the Creative Decorator

Petal Dust - 48 colors

Petal Dust is used to achieve deep hues with a matte finish.

Sparkle Dust - 7 colors

Gives gum paste flowers a wet or dewy look, with just a touch of color.

Pearl Dust - 7 colors

Pearl dust produces a shimmery luster.

Highlighting Dusts - Silver or Gold

Impart a very high sheen to your creations.

Luster Dust - 51 colors Luster dusts give subtle colors with a high sheen metallic-like finish.


Colors marked with an asterisk contain Blue or Chromium Oxide & must be labeled

"For Decorative Use Only". They are not for sale or distribution in the state of California.