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Masonite Cake Boards And Circles

Extra Heavy Duty Masonite boards excel for strength and long term stability.

Masonite cake boards and circles are 1/4" thick. They are perfect for rounds, squares, sheet cakes,

wedding cakes and shaped cakes. They last for years and years! Must be covered.


Round Masonite Cake Board


Square Masonite Cake Board


10" $3.99 ea. (CH100-100)   Yes: Qty:

10" $3.99 ea. (CH110-100)   Yes: Qty:

12" $4.29 ea. (CH100-120)   Yes: Qty:

12" $4.29 ea.  (CH110-120)  Yes: Qty:

14" $4.99 ea. (CH100-140)    Yes: Qty:

14" $4.99 ea.  (CH110-140)   Yes: Qty:

16" $5.79 ea. (CH100-160)    Yes: Qty:

16" $5.79 ea.  (CH110-160)   Yes: Qty:

18" $6.89 ea. (CH100-180)    Yes: Qty:

18" $6.89 ea   (CH110-180)   Yes: Qty:

20" $8.79 ea. (CH100-200)    Yes: Qty:

20"$8.79 ea.  (CH110-200)    Yes: Qty:

22" $11.99 ea. (CH100-220) Yes: Qty:

22" $11.99 ea.  (CH110-220) Yes: Qty:

24" $13.99 ea. (CH100-240) Yes: Qty:

24" $13.99 ea   (CH110-240) Yes: Qty:


Rectangular Masonite Cake Board


14" x 19" $5.99 ea. (CH120-003) Yes:Qty:

14" x 20" $5.99 ea. (CH120-004)  Yes:Qty:



Cake Boards, Circles, Bases, Trim & Boxes

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Tuk-N-Ruffle Edging  For making ordinary cakes, fancy

Silver Cake Bases  Thicker boards for heavier cakes

Cake Boxes Great for transporting your masterpieces.

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