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Merckens Colored Wafers

Merckens Colored WafersMerckens Rainbow Wafers

50 lb. assortments - Mix and Match


The Chocolate Shoppe

   This is a delicious special compound

manufactured by Merckens Chocolate Co.

Is designed for melting and molding.

This candy does not have to be tempered. Simply melt and you're ready to make candy!


Merckens Rainbow Wafers are "non taxable"


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You decide!! Simply choose any mix of colors/flavors from the table below.

Check off the items desired, and indicate the number of pounds you want in the Quantity box.

 The total must add up to 50 (or more) pounds. $3.55/lb ($177.50 per 50 lb.)

Milk (sweet)              (MMA)    Yes:Qty:

Green (dark)            (MDGA)   Yes:Qty:

Dark (semi-sweet)    (MDA)     Yes:Qty:

Green (light)            (MLGA)   Yes:Qty:

White                       (MWA)    Yes:Qty:

Orange                    (MORA)   Yes:Qty:

Super White            (MSWA)  Yes:Qty:

Orchid                      (MPUA)   Yes:Qty:

Black (mild dark)     (MBLKA) Yes:Qty:

Peach                      (MPEA)   Yes:Qty:

Blue                         (MBLA)   Yes:Qty:

Peanut Butter          (MPBA)   Yes:Qty:

Royal Blue               (MRBA)   Yes:Qty:

Pink                         (MPA)     Yes:Qty:

Butterscotch             (MBSA)   Yes:Qty:

Red                          (MRA)     Yes:Qty:

Yellow                     (MYA)     Yes:Qty:


Want to assure thin and creamy candy coatings?

Paramount Crystals


Add to chocolate to help thin and make creamier!

Use 1 tablespoon per pound of chocolate.

Each package (6 oz.) is enough for 12 pounds of chocolate!

(CK76-3204) $1.79/pkg.  Yes:Qty:


Additional shipping costs may apply for chocolate exceeding 30 lbs.