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Filled Layer Cake


M-m-m-m-m-m good

Filled Pastry (othellos)

These luscious fillings are used by professional bakers who have customers that demand the very best. They are perfect for that special "between the layers" filling in your next delicious cake! In addition to cakes, these fillers are also used to make fancy Danish coffee cakes and other pastries. So easy to use..................simply snip off a corner of the pouch and squeeze it directly onto your baked goods.

Pastry Fillings Come in 2 Pound Bags


Pastry Filling Apple Apple               (CK76-4154) $5.99    Yes:Qty:


Pastry Filling: Banana Creme Banana Creme (CK76-4166) $4.89    Yes:Qty:


Pastry Filling: Bavarian Bavarian           (CK76-4156) $4.29   Yes: Qty:


Pastry Filling: Cherry Cherry               (CK76-4155) $6.19   Yes: Qty:


Pastry Filling: Chocolate Chocolate         (CK76-4165) $5.19   Yes: Qty:


Pastry Filling: Lemon Lemon               (CK76-4151) $4.39  Yes: Qty:


Pastry Filling: Pineapple Pineapple          (CK76-4159) $5.59  Yes:Qty:


Pastry Filling: Raspberry Raspberry          (CK76-4152) $6.89  Yes: Qty:


Pastry Filling: Strawberry Strawberry        (CK76-4153) $5.89   Yes: Qty:

Vanilla Treat Filling.

Vanilla Treat Filling


Add a tasty creamy filling to cupcakes, cakes, whoopie pies and more. 14 oz.

(710-0182)   $3.99    Yes: Qty:



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