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Satin Ice Rolled Fondant

The Perfect Fondant For The Perfect Cake.

And It's Tasty Too!!


Rolled fondant produces a satin-smooth elegant finish to any cake. Satin Ice's formula and mixing process produces a smooth, creamy product with a luscious, mellow taste that is unmatched. Preferred for its ease of use and ability to be rolled super thin, Satin Ice is used to cover and decorate wedding and special occasion cakes, custom novelty cakes, cup cakes and cookies. Also perfect for modeling character figures, bows, drapes and swags. This ideal cake covering seals the cake, keeps it moist and allows for an extended shelf life.


colors are representative and may not be accurate due to monitor calibration

White Satin Ice Fondant


2 lb.   (SI-2WHT)    $13.99  Yes: Qty:

5 lb.   (SI-5WHT)    $29.99  Yes: Qty:

20 lb.(SI-20WHT)  $83.99  Yes: Qty:

Ivory Satin Ice Fondant



2 lb.  (SI-2IVY)     $17.99  Yes: Qty:

5 lb.  (SI-5IVY)     $30.99  Yes: Qty:

Black Satin Ice Fondant


Black (Vanilla)

2 lb.  (SI-2BLK)   $17.99   Yes: Qty:

 5 lb.  (SI-5BLK)    $36.99  Yes: Qty:

Red Satin Ice Fondant


2 lb.  (SI-2RED)     $17.99  Yes: Qty:

5 lb.   (SI-5RED)    $36.99  Yes: Qty:

Orange Satin Ice Fondant


2 lb.  (SI-2ORA)  $17.99  Yes: Qty:

5 lb.  (SI-5ORA)  $36.99  Yes: Qty:

Yellow Satin Ice Fondant


2 lb.  (SI-2YEL)   $17.99   Yes: Qty:

5 lb.  (SI-5YEL)   $36.99   Yes: Qty:

Green Satin Ice Fondant


2 lb.  (SI-2GRE)     $17.99  Yes: Qty:

5 lb.  (SI-5GRE)     $36.99  Yes: Qty:

Blue Satin Ice Fondant


2 lb.  (SI-2BLU)      $17.99  Yes: Qty:

5 lb.   (SI-5BLU)     $36.99  Yes: Qty:

Purple Satin Ice Fondant


2 lb.  (SI-2PUR)     $17.99   Yes: Qty:

5 lb.  (SI-PUR)       $36.99   Yes: Qty:

Pink Satin Ice Fondant


2 lb.   (SI-2PIN)   $17.99  Yes: Qty:

5 lb.   (SI-5PIN)   $36.99  Yes: Qty:

Pastel Yellow Satin Ice Fondant

Pastel Yellow/Vanilla

2 lb.  (SI- 2PYEL)     $17.99 Yes:Qty:

5 lb.  (SI-5PYEL)    $36.99  Yes: Qty:

Pastel Green Satin Ice Fondant

Pastel Green/Vanilla

2 lb.(  SI-2PGRE)    $17.99   Yes: Qty:

5 lb.  (SI-5PGRE)    $36.99   Yes: Qty:

Baby Blue Satin Ice Fondant

Baby Blue/Vanilla

2 lb.  (SI-2BBLU)    $17.99  Yes:Qty:

5 lb.  (SI-5BBLU)   $36.99  Yes: Qty:

Baby Pink Satin Ice Fondant

Baby Pink/Vanilla

2 lb.  (SI-2BPIN)    $17.99  Yes: Qty:

5 lb.  (SI-5BPIN)    $36.99  Yes: Qty:

Buttercream Flavored Satin Ice Fondant

White/Buttercream Flavored

2 lb.  (SI-2BUT)  $17.99   Yes: Qty:

10 lb.  (SI-10BUT)  $59.99 Yes:Qty: 

Lavender Satin Ice Fondant


2 lb.  (SI-2LAV)   $17.99  Yes: Qty:

5 lb.  (SI-5LAV)   $36.99  Yes: Qty:

Brown/Dark Chocolate Satin Ice Fondant

Brown/Dark Chocolate

2 lb.   (SI-2CHO)    $17.99  Yes: Qty:

5 lb.   (SI-5CHO)    $36.99  Yes: Qty:

0g trans fats, 0g cholesterol

allergen information:

 Gluten free, dairy free, nut free.

Contains no animal derived products.

Certified kosher parve.


* Food Products Are Not Returnable.



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