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St. Patty's Day Shaped Decorations and Ready To Use Icing.

For cupcakes, cakes, cookies, candy and more!

*asterisked items available from 2/1/ through 3/18
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Edible icing and sugar decorations add that special touch to cupcakes, cookies, brownies and more.

Small Icing Shamrock.


*Icing Shamrocks

Hand made.

3/4" diameter       6 / Pkg.


$1.39      Yes:Qty:

Tiny Shamrock Icing Decorations.

Tiny Icing Shamrocks

1/2" diameter. 72 / Pkg.


$2.99      Yes:Qty:

Beer Mug Icing Decorations.

Beer Mug Icing Decorations

1" x 1 1/4"      12 / Pkg.


$5.99      Yes:Qty:

Shamrock Icing Decorations.

Shamrock Icing Decorations

1 1/8" diameter. 9 / Pkg.


$2.29      Yes:Qty:

Small Sugar Shamrocks.

*Sugar Shamrock  Charms

1/2" diameter. 15 / Pkg.


$1.19      Yes:Qty:

1" Sugar shamrocks.


*Sugar Shamrocks

1" diameter. 6 / Pkg.


$1.19      Yes:Qty:

4 lb. 8 oz. Tub White Icing.

Ready To Use Icing   White Medium consistency icing. Ideal for covering your cakes, making borders, messages and more. 4lb. 8oz. container. Certified Kosher.


(704-680)       $17.99         Yes:Qty:

1 lb. Tubs Chocolate and Vanilla Icing

Ready To Use Icing  Stiff consistency icing. Ideal for making roses, flowers and more. Icing can also be used for covering the cake. If you prefer thinner icing ,add a little water until you reach desired consistency. 1lb. container. Certified Kosher.


White   (710-118)   $3.79  Yes:Qty:         Chocolate (710-119)     $3.79   Yes:Qty:

Tube Icing. St. Patricks Day Colors.

Tube Icing     High quality ready made icing in a tube. Use with tip set or with the coupler ring set and the standard metal tips. All Tubes $2.29 ea.

Leaf Green    (704-224)         Yes:Qty:

Yellow    (704-236)      Yes:Qty:

Kelly Green   (704-227)         Yes:Qty: White      (704-200)      Yes:Qty:

Need other Colors, Tip Set, or Coupler Rings?

Green, Gold, White and Yellow Glitter Gel.

Sparkle Gel  Squeeze on sparkling color to your cakes, cupcakes and more. 3.5 oz. re-sealable

tubes. Certified Kosher. All $2.99 per pkg.

Green     (704-111)      Yes:Qty:

Gold      (704-1060)      Yes:Qty:

White     (704-107)      Yes:Qty:

Yellow      (704-108)     Yes:Qty:

Need More Sparkle Gels

Green Cookie Icing.

Green Cookie Icing  Covers cookies with a shiny finish. Just heat and squeeze. Icing will set in approx.45 min. 10oz. container. Covers about 12 - 3" cookies. Instructions on back of bottle. Certified Kosher.

(704-493)               $4.99      Yes:Qty:

Need More Cookie Icing



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St. Patrick's Day candy and Cake Supplies

St. Patrick's Day Bakeware  Pans, food colors and cupcake papers and combo packs.

St. Patrick's Day Edible Decorations  Sprinkles, confetti and nonpareils.

St. Patrick's Day Icings  Icing for cakes and cookies, ready made sugar and icing decorations.

St. Patrick's Day Molds  Candy molds. From bite size to lollipops and larger pieces.

St. Patrick's Day Party Cutters  Cookie cutters.

St. Patrick's Day Packaging  Shamrock bags, ribbons and twist ties.

St. Patrick's Day Toppers  Cake tops, cup cake picks and rings.