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Candyland Crafts

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Soap Making & More

As a Preferred Retailer for Life of the Party, Candyland Crafts offers the

complete line of soap making kits, products and supplies.

In addition, we stock over 10,000 products
for  all your cake decorating and candy making needs.

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If you are interested in crafting your own soaps this is the right place!! From  Life of The Party   the premier manufacturer of soap making products for the do-it-yourselfer......we offer a complete line of soap making kits, products and supplies. Just melt, pour and have a great time.

Soap Making Kits Bars, gel, strings, citrus, loofah, botanical, flower, more.

Essentials Glycerin melt & pour bars, popular fragrances, color sets, extracts & fragrant oils.

Natural Herbal Fragrances Chamomile, Green Tea, Eucalyptus Mint, more.

Popular Soap Molds  Chocolate molds can be used for soap too see complete mold catalog.

Natural Soap Products  Melt & pour bars, colorizing powder, herbal additives. 

Soap Making Books Nice selection - includes an excellent soap making book for kids.

Spa Indulgence Bath Sachets & Fizzies Supplies, additives, colors, fragrances, do-it-yourself kits.

Spa Indulgence: Lip Balm & Body/Hand Lotions Supplies, flavors, colorants, kits, fragrances.



Making Soap is Easy and Fun!

Cut Soap in Pieces

Melt in Microwave

Pour into Mold

Remove after Hardening