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Candyland Crafts

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Combs, Cutters, Scrapers & Chipper

Stainless Steel Pastry Cutter All Stainless cutter with serrated edge (AT-1398) See below

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A quick and easy way to form ridges on the sides of cake.

Triangular Aluminum                   4" ea. face           (AT-1446)  $1.49          Yes:Qty:

Triangular Plastic                         5" ea. face           (417-162)  $1.29          Yes:Qty:

Long Plastic Comb                       12" x 1 1/2"          (417-156)  $1.69                  Discontinued


Use to cut dough, pastry and other foods. Plastic handled cutters  are dishwasher safe & shock resistant. All cutters have stainless steel blades

Heavy duty plastic handled cutter   Heavy duty construction. 2 1/2" dia. blade

(AT-1322)      $9.29    Yes: Qty:


Smooth edge wood handled cutter  2 1/2" dia. smooth edged blade

(AT-1392)      $6.69     Yes:Qty:


Fluted edge wood handled cutter    Fluted pastry wheel.1 3/8" dia. blade

(AT-1397)      $3.99     Yes:Qty:


Fluted wheel all stainless (shown above) Fluted pastry wheel. 1 3/8" dia.

(AT-1398)      $2.89     Yes:Qty:


Stainless Blade  4" X 3" blade (bench scraper) all heavy duty stainless steel

(AT-1300)      $7.99     Yes:Qty:


Plastic Blade  5 1/4" blade flexible plastic                     (AT-1303)      $.99       Yes:Qty:

Plastic Blade  6' blade flexible plastic                           (AT-1301)      $1.99     Discontinued

Bowl Scraper  7 1/2" x 4 3/4"                                      (AT-1320)      $1.39     Yes:Qty:


Chipper Very rugged! Perfect for the hardest chocolate or ice. Heavy steel plated 1 1/4" prongs.

(HI-43198)     $9.99     Yes:Qty:


Bakers Blade Now you can cut, crush, chop, scrape & scoop all with one tool. This unique chop and scoop tool is not for just baking. Also perfect for transferring cut herbs & vegetables from counter to stove for your favorite recipe.

(2103-310) $7.99    Yes:Qty:



Quality Baking Utensils

Bowls - Ceramic  2 and 6 bowl sets.

Bowls - Mixing 3 bowl, tilt and mix set.

Bowls - Electric  Chocolate melting pot.

Shakers, Sifters, Whisks & Pastry Brushes The perfect tools for your projects.

Combs, Pastry Cutters - Single wheel, Chippers & Scrapers

Pastry Cutters - Multi-wheel  5 to 12 wheels, 2 1/8" to 4" diameter.

Rolling Pins  Solid maple rolling pins from 7" to 15". Springerle rolling pins and rubber rolling pin rings.

Silicone Molds & Baking Cups  A great selection of fun shapes.

Spatulas & Scrapers  By Rubbermaid & Wilton. Stainless, silicone & rubber. Blades 3 1/2" to 16 1/2" long.

Spatulas - Stainless blades  By Ateco, straight/offset designs, wood/plastic handles, 4 1/4" to 14" long.

Thermometers  Bulb, tube and digital designs, for general baking or candy making.

Wafer Leaf Stencils  Featured in Martha Stewart's Holiday Cookies magazine.

Baking Aids

Cake Preparation  Magi-cake strips, Cake release, Non-stick spray & Cake tester.

Baking Accessories  Parchment rolls, Pre-cut parchment, pastry cloth & pad, Pastry Mat.

Silicone Work Mats & Baking Liners  Also called Silpat liners, good from -40 F to 480 F.