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Valentine Confetti and Sprinkle Sets

Hearts, Lips, Combo Sets and Cinnamon Hearts.

*asterisked items available from 1/1/ through 2/15
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Confetti and Confetti Sprinkle Sets

Delightful shapes and combinations to decorate your cakes, cookies, cupcakes, ice cream

and more!

Crushed peppermint..

*Crushed Peppermint

Approximately 3/8". Great for putting on chocolate covered pretzels, Cupcakes and more. A festive look with a tasty crunch.

4 oz.    (KC-2091)    $2.39    Yes:Qty:

Red heart confetti.

Red Hearts

3 oz.    $2.09

(CON-HES)    Yes:Qty:


10 oz.    $6.19

(CON-1HES)    Yes:Qty:          

Pink and white heart confetti.

Pink and White Hearts

3 oz.    $2.09

(CON-HPW)    Yes:Qty:


10 oz.    $6.19

(CON-1HPW)    Yes:Qty:           

Red, pink and white heart confetti.

*Red, Pink and White Hearts

3 oz.    $2.09

(CON-HRWP)    Yes:Qty:


10 oz.    $6.19

(CON-1HRWP)    Yes:Qty:         

Pastel color heart confetti.

Pastel Color Hearts

3 oz.    $2.09

(CON-HEP)    Yes:Qty:


10 oz.    $6.19

(CON-1HEP)    Yes:Qty:          

Mini red, pink and white heart confetti.

* Mini Red, Pink and White Hearts

3 oz.    $2.09

(CON-MVH)    Yes:Qty:


10 oz.    $6.19

(CON-1MVH)    Yes:Qty:         

Lips confetti.


3 oz.    $2.09

(CON-LIP)    Yes:Qty:    


10 oz.    $6.19

(CON-1LIP)    Yes:Qty:             

Jumbo red heart confetti.

*Jumbo Red Hearts

3 oz.    $2.09

(CON-HEB)    Yes:Qty:


10 oz.    $6.19

(CON-1HEB)   Yes:Qty:          

Fill your heart confetti.

*Fill Your Heart Confetti


3 oz.    $4.49


(710-099)    Yes:Qty:

Jumbo pink and red heart confetti's.

*Hearts Jumbo Red and Pink


3.25 oz.    $4.49


(710-032)    Yes:Qty:             

Lip sprinkle mix.

*Lip Sprinkle Mix

White and pink sprinkles

with red lip confetti.

3.8oz.    $3.29

(710-1357)    Yes: Qty:               

Brown and white heart confetti with pink and red sprinkles.

*Chocolate Hearts Mix

Brown & white heart confetti with

pink & red sprinkles

3.75 oz.    $3.29

(710-6315)    Yes:Qty:

Love potion sprinkle set.

*Love Potion Sprinkle Set

Includes 1.41 oz of pink & red sugar.1.05 oz jimmies and 1.16 oz heart confetti.

In re-fill able test tube container.

5 oz.    $5.99  (710-8927)      Yes: Qty:

6 mix sprinkle, sugar and confetti mix.

*6 mix Assortment

Nonpareils, heart mix, chocolate heart mix and red, purple and pink sugar.

$5.99    7.4oz.

(710-738)    Yes:Qty:          

Cinnamon red heart imperials.

*Cinnamon Red Heart Imperials

5.5 oz.    $2.49

(CON-RHT)    Yes: Qty:


16 oz.    $6.50

(CON-1RHT)    Yes: Qty:          


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Valentine's Day cake and candy supplies

Sale Candy Boxes  While supplies last.

Sale Doilies & Heart Shaped Platters  While supplies last.

Bags, Lollipop & Cookie  Great for lollipops and  to make that dessert or gift festive.

Bags, Shaped and Regular  Perfect party bags for candy, cookies brownies and little trinkets.

Bakeware  Standard aluminum heart cake pans in lots of sizes. Available year round.

Bakeware  Mini non stick and silicone cake pans. Some available all year.

Bakeware  Dimensions, tarts, spring forms, fanci-filled, donuts and more.

Baking Cups  Standard size, wraps and disposable heart shaped cups/pans.

Baking Cups  Mini, bon bon, silicone and foil wrappers.

Baking Cups  Standard size cupcake combo sets.

Cake Rings and Tops  Just the thing to make decorating cakes and cupcakes fun and easy.

Cake Picks   Perfect for decorating cakes and cupcakes.

Candy Boxes - Direct Pour  Pour your chocolate directly into box, put on lid and it's ready.

Candy and Cupcake Boxes  Great designs, simple but elegant.

Candy Kits  Fun and easy to make or give as a gift.

Candy Molds (Wilton)  Great designs. Available all year.

Confetti's and Sprinkle Assortments  Edible decorations to make your goodies POP!

Cookie Cutters  Single cookie cutters, comfort grip, plastic and metal.

Cookie Cutter Sets  An exciting combinations of cutters.

Cookie Pans  For cookies, cookie lollipops, cookie sticks and a mini pie press.

Duerr Golden Electra Boxes/Molds  Fancy boxes designed to fit specific chocolate pieces.

Icing and Sugar Decorations  From Wilton and Lucks. Ready to place on your goodies.

Hand Made Icing Decorations  From Kencrafts. Beautifully shaped edible icing decorations for all your treats.

Icings Supplies  Tube & ready to decorate icing, cookie icings, glitter, gels & food sprays.

Molds for Chocolate, Soap, Crafts  Available all year.

Sugars, Sprinkles and Nonpareils  Add color and pizzazz to your goodies.