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Candy and Crafts Business Cards Molds:  Pg. 3

(All Molds are $1.99 - - except where marked differently)

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Business card molds are approximately 2 1/4" x 4" x 1/4" (= diameter, or length & width, x depth) & 1.2 oz per cavity)

BC-33 Diet Pill                                               Yes: Qty: BC-41 #1                                                        Yes: Qty:
BC-34 To My Valentine                                 Yes: Qty: BC-42 Thank You For Sharing Our Joy     Yes: Qty:
BC-35 #1 Secretary                                      Yes: Qty: BC-43 Happy Retirement                            Yes: Qty:
BC-36 Washington DC                                Yes: Qty: BC-44 Mazel Tov (Hebrew)                          Yes: Qty:
BC-37 Just Married                                       Yes: Qty: BC-45 Plumber Business Card                 Yes: Qty:
BC-38 Happy New Year                               Yes: Qty: BC-46 Thank You For Your Business       Yes: Qty:
BC-39 Happy Purim                                     Yes: Qty: BC-47 Happy Holidays                                 Yes: Qty:
BC-40 Welcome                                            Yes: Qty: BC-48  Reunion                                             Yes: Qty:

Candy box (MP-1945) is available that's designed to hold any of the Business Card candy pieces.

It has a slit on the back panel for a  business card and a slit on top panel  for place card.

click to see business card candy box

2 5/16" x 7/16" x 3 7/8"   Business Card (W) (MP-1945)  $3.65/Set of 5            Yes:Qty:


For a creative way to enhance your message, use mold BC-20 with any greeting card

mold (which makes the top), to assemble a classy Business/Greeting Card Pour Box

Business Card Pour Box Bottom 2 cavity (BC-20) $1.99 Yes:Qty:

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The Business Card Candy box cannot be used if you make a Business Card Pour Box



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