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Squeeze Bottles, Mold Painters and Drizzling Tools

Great for filling molds and doing fine detail work.


Squeeze Bottle

Squeeze Bottles

Makes pouring chocolate into the molds neater and faster. Note: bottles are NOT microwavable & don't allow water to get in the chocolate!

(1)Melt chocolate first.

(2) Pour melted chocolate into squeeze bottle.

(3) Cut off tip of squeeze bottle for easier pouring. Optional.

(4) If there is still melted chocolate in the bottle, place it in a pan of hot tap water.

This will keep the chocolate melted until you are ready to pour again.

3 oz    Squeeze bottles            $1.25             (CK81-3)                   Yes: Qty:

8 oz    Squeeze bottles            $1.59             (CK81-5)                   Yes: Qty:

12 oz   Squeeze bottles           $1.79             (CK81-7)                   Yes: Qty:

16 oz    Squeeze bottles          $3.59             (CK81-6)                   Yes: Qty:

Mold Painter Bottles

Mold Painter Bottles

Use these bottles in place of a paint brush. With the small openings, it makes painting the

chocolate details in the candy molds quick and easy!! Note: bottles are NOT microwavable.


2 oz.   Mold painter bottles     $4.69/pair     (CK81-302)           Yes: Qty:

8 oz.   Mold painter bottles     $2.39 ea.      (CK81-308)           Yes: Qty:

Chocolate drizzling scoop.Chocolate Drizzling Scoop


Create drizzled lines and swirls with this handy tool. Deep well in back of scoop holds a

generous amount of candy and has a funneled design. It's easy to add a little color to any kind of desserts. Measures 7" overall. Scoop measures 2" long x 7/8" deep. (at the deepest part).



(1904-1020)    $2.99    Yes: Qty:


Smiley    Cleaning Bottles is Easy as 1-2-3    Smiley

(1) Empty remainder of chocolate in plastic bowl.

(2) Put squeeze bottle and bowl in freezer.

(3) Take out of freezer. Squeeze bottle and bowl, dumping excess chocolate in bag and

store in cupboard until the next time you're ready to make more candy.

NOTE: If not over heated,  chocolate can be re-melted many times.

Click here for detailed tips on molding of chocolate

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