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Wilbur Logo Tempering Chocolate

This chocolate contains cocoa butter and must be tempered before use. (This chocolate is non taxable).

Available in: Cashmere (milk), Velvet (dark),



 Additional shipping costs may apply for chocolate exceeding 30 lbs

10 Lb. bricks Wilbur tempering chocolate.

The best candy is made from the best chocolate.

Size & Price

Cashmere (MILK) Velvet (DARK)

1   lb.    $6.55 

(CAS)        Yes: Qty: (VEL)       Yes: Qty:

5   lb.    $30.75

(CAS5)     Yes: Qty: (VEL5)     Yes: Qty:

10 lb.    $55.50

(CAS10)   Yes: Qty:   (VEL10)    Yes: Qty:

50 lb.   $252.50

(CAS50)   Yes: Qty: (VEL50)   Yes: Qty:

Chocolate Chipper

Chipper Very rugged! Perfect for the hardest chocolate or ice. Heavy steel plated 1 1/4" prongs.

(HI-43198)  $9.99    Yes: Qty:



Concerns about shipping chocolate during hot weather?