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Candyland Crafts

201 West Main Street, Somerville NJ 08876

Phone: (908)685-0410                    Toll Free: (877)487-4289                    FAX: (908)575-1640


Candyland Crafts Affiliate Program

If you have a Web Site and would like to earn 10% commission on all orders placed by visitors to Candyland Crafts (from your web site), consider joining our affiliate program. Your site must be reasonable and content-related for those potentially interested in cake decorating,

candy or soap making.


The way it works is very straight forward. We provide you with the link URL that includes a code identifying the source as "your web site".  Anyone who came to Candyland Crafts from your web site, and placed an order would be identified with that code (it becomes part of the customer order number). We give you 10% of the sales value of any orders (doesn't include shipping cost).

It's that simple.


What makes it work is Candyland Crafts benefits, only when you do too. We have investigated Affiliate Marketing companies like Commission Junction. They act as a third party and have tracking software which allows you to track what activity is going on independently. However, (1) Commission Junction (& others) take "very" hefty fees from advertisers, which severely limits how much an advertiser can afford to give to an affiliate (2) We are able to eliminate those extra marketing costs which allows us to be able to give you substantial commissions, while at the same time, we can keep our product costs down to give our customers better value. (3) We only succeed when you do, so you know we'll do our best to make it work! There's no formal contract between us. Either of us can stop the relationship at any time.

If you don't want to continue you simply remove the link to us.


Payments: Depending on results we can pay out on a periodic basis, or when a certain dollar amount is reached.


We can provide Candyland logos of any size if that will help you. Depending on your web site, and interest, we can provide the links to our home page, or any product area's within our site. The number and locations of links is entirely up to you. We can help you  decide what's best for you./p>


If you are interested and/or have any questions please send an email to Diane at:


Please be sure to include the URL of your web site.