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Assorted Baking Cup Sets

Bake cupcakes in all the colors of the rainbow.
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All standard size measuring 2" diameter.

Monochrome color baking cups.



Pkg./75     $2.09

Yes: Qty:

Standard primary color baking cups.

Primary Colors


Pkg./75     $2.09

Yes: Qty:

Standard pastel color baking cups.

Pastel Color


Pkg./75     $2.09

Yes: Qty:

Standard jewel tone baking cups.

Jewel Tone


Pkg./75     $2.09

Yes: Qty:

A great selection at a great price.

Bake cupcakes and muffins.

Cups can also be used for cookies

brownies and more.

Assorted cupcake papers.

Elegance Assortment


Pkg./150     $4.99

Yes: Qty:

Standard pastel assortment baking cups.

Pastel Assortment


Pkg./150     $4.99

Yes: Qty:

Standard rainbow color baking cups.

Rainbow Colors


Pkg./150     $4.99

Yes: Qty:

Standard damask/zebra assortment baking cups.

Damask/Zebra Asst.


Pkg./150     $4.99

Yes: Qty:

Standard neon darks, baking cups.

Neon Darks


Pkg./150     $4.99

Yes: Qty:

Standard stripes and dots assortment baking cups.

Stripes & Dots


Pkg./150     $4.99

Yes: Qty:

Standard baking cups. Chevron design.

Chevron Design


Pkg./300     $7.99

Yes: Qty:

Standard polka dot assortment baking cups.

Polka Dot Assortment


Pkg./300     $7.99

Yes: Qty:

Standard pastel designs assortment baking cups.

Pastel Designs


Pkg./300     $7.99

Yes: Qty:

Standard bright design assortment baking cups.

Bright Designs


Pkg./300     $7.99

Yes: Qty:



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