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Beginner Candy Making Molds: Set of 6          Candy Making Mold Set for Beginners



Molds are approx. 8" x 10|" made of FDA approved plastic and designed for use with chocolate or other materials that melt around 100 deg. F. (cannot be used for hard candy, which melts at much higher temperatures).

               Chocolate can be re-melted many times.
               Painting color details in candy is easy with a little practice.
               Classic candy shapes swirls, bite size pieces
               Make great gifts.
               Molds will give years of use.




                                        Individual molds are only $1.99 each





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AO-54 Bite Size Candies                     AO-78 Swirl Candy Pieces               F-1 Apple Lollipop   

K-106 Paw Print Lollipop                      N-43 Lighthouse                              V-26 Heart Lollipop



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