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Binder Clips For Candy/Soap Molds

For Holding 3-D Molds Together!

A Binder Clip to hold 3-D molds together.


When molding 3-D shapes out of chocolate and other materials too, the mold

sections need to be held together tight while the chocolate solidifies. The perfect

solution is to use Binder Clips. These are high quality plated steel

clips with excellent holding capacity.


Use a sufficient number of Binder Clips so the flat surfaces of the mold halves

are in secure contact with each other all the way around. A good guide to follow

is to maintain the space between the clips to be no more than the width of the clips

themselves. Clips measure  1 1/4" long [the width] x 5/8" deep.

[how far in the clip reaches]


12 clips per box. (V-0306)      $2.49/box


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