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Cake Decorating Ideas & Instruction Books

An exciting collection of up-to-date instructions,

recipes, and beautifully illustrated guide books

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Cake Decorating; Beginners Guide.

Cake Decorating: Beginners Guide  A beginners guide. All the basics: baking, icing, decorating plus "how-to's" for 15 great party cakes.


(902-1232)        40pgs           [5.5" x 8.5"]            $3.99       Yes:Qty:

Ateco Cake Decorating Reference Manual.

Ateco Cake Decorating Reference Manual: This is a very useful manual that shows you the different kinds of decorations that can be achieved with over 75 of the most popular decorating tips. Illustrated actual size.

(AT-486)          20 pgs          [8" x 10"]               $3.99      Yes:Qty:

Cartoon Cakes.

Cartoon Cakes: Features characters from Warner Bros., Hanna-Barbera & the Cartoon Network. Clear easy to follow instructions and step by step photographs. Hard cover, full color.


(CK60-1460)     93 pgs          [8 1/2" x 10 1/2"]      $24.95  On Sale $12.47   Yes: Qty:

Colettes Cakes.

Colette's Cakes Hard cover: The Art of cake decorating. From Getting Started (tools & techniques) through Advanced Cakes. A must for your decorating library!


(CK60-1019)     163 pgs        [8" x 10"                $35.00 On Sale $17.50  Yes: Qty:

Magical Cakes.

Magical Cakes Varied collection of cake designs for all levels of expertise featuring witches, wizards, gnomes, dwarfs, trolls, sprites & goblins. Easy to follow instructions & photos. Hard cover,full color.

(CK60-1458)     94 pgs          [8 3/4" x 10 1/2"]      $24.95  On Sale $12.47   Yes: Qty:

Simply Elegant.

Simply Elegant  26 original cake designs and step by step instructions. Techniques in cake design.


(CK60-1326)    95 pgs           [8 1/2" x 11"]           $30.68  On Sale $15.34   Yes: Qty: