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Party Cakes and Holiday Books

A Wonderful selection of fun party cakes,

Holiday ideas, recipes, and terrific illustrations.

Book Ends.

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Childrens Party Cakes and Cookies.

Children's Party Cakes and Cookies Soft cover. Instructions for over 180 cookies & cakes. Includes traditional cookies and cakes as well as whimsical shaped cakes. Professional tips and variations are included throughout the book. Full color pictures of creations.

(CK60-1474)          96 pgs.      [9" x 11 5/8"]          $14.99  On Sale $7.49  Yes: Qty:

Coletts's Birthday Cakes.

Colette's Birthday Cakes Cakes for every month of the year. Includes zodiac, birthstone and flower cakes as well as fabulous one of a kind cakes. Step by step, easy to follow directions. line drawings and color photos, hard cover.

(CK60-1016)          182pgs.     [8 3/4" x 11"]           $35.00  On Sale $17.50   Yes: Qty:

Cone Figures.

Cone Figures Create miniature edible sculptures using ice cream cones as internal support. Unique!


(CK60-305)           35pgs         [8 1/2" x 11"]           $16.99  On Sale $8.49   Yes: Qty:

Debbie Brown's 50 Easy Party Cakes.

Debbie Brown's 50 Easy Party Cakes  50 cakes, perfect for any age child and any occasion. For either beginners or experienced decorators. Includes recipes, templates, & easy step-by-step photos. Cake themes include animals, sports and whimsical. Hard Cover, full color.

(CK60-1464)          111 pgs.     [8 1/2" x 11"]          $23.95  On Sale $11.97   Yes: Qty:

Enchanted Cakes For Children.

Enchanted Cakes For Children The wonderful magical world of over 20 endearing characters and scenes, from the familiar Snow Queen, Sleeping Beauty & Cinderella to the make believe world of friendly elves, bewitching mermaids & sea creatures. Hard Cover.

(CK60-1462)          112 pgs.     [8 1/2" x 11"]           $23.95 On Sale $11.97   Yes: Qty:

Party Ideas For Children.

Party Ideas for Children 20 party ideas the kids will love. Throw a great kids' party with instructions and advice on themes, cakes, invitations, treat bags, food & games. Full color.

(CK60-1452)          96 pgs.       [8 1/2" x 11"]          $14.95 On Sale $7.47  Yes: Qty:

Shaped and Cut Out Cakes.

Shaped & Cut Out Cakes  The easy and professional way! Make creative shaped cakes using round and sheet cake pans.

(CK60-256)           38 pgs.       [8 1/2" x 11"]           $9.99   On Sale $4.99   Yes: Qty:

The Sheet Cake Way.

The Sheet Cake Way Go beyond the basic sheet cake with these clever ideas. Designs & step by step instructions for techniques using fondant and buttercream, cut and shaped sheet cakes, molding, sculpting. Themes include birthday, baby, wedding & more. Full color.

(CK60-1007)          47 pgs.    [8 1/4" x 10 3/4"]     $10.95  On Sale $5.47   Yes: Qty: