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Cake Decorating Books

A fabulous selection of up-to-date instructions and

recipes to create fantastic looking tiered cakes

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Here Comes The Cake.

Here Comes The Cake This includes some of the finalists & winners of "Wedding Cakes Off the Wall 2004" These cakes are timeless. Stunning colors, includes web sites, phones & emails of the creators.

(CK60-1313)  134 pgs          [8 1/2" x 11"]       $19.95    On Sale $9.97   Yes: Qty:

Decadent details.

Decadent Details Perspectives of the Grand National Wedding Cake Competition. Beautiful close ups of the detailed work. Includes Artisan index with names, phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

(AC-842)          93 pgs           [9" x 9"]                 $19.99    On Sale $9.99    Yes:Qty:

Ace of cakes.

Ace of Cakes By Duff Goldman & Willie Goldman. This book is a behind the scenes look at the inside world of Charm City Cakes. This is colorful scrap book of Duff and his team. Loaded with stories and pictures.

(CK60-7001)  307 pgs         [8 1/4" x 10 1/4"] $35.00    On Sale $17.50  Yes:Qty:

Chocolate cakes for weddings and celebrations.

Chocolate Cakes for Weddings and Celebrations By John Slattery. A unique book with over 20 spectacular chocolate cakes from the simple one tier to the more extravagant five-tier creations and amazing table centerpieces.

(CK60-1028)   159 pgs.       [9 1/4" x 11"]        $29.95    On Sale $14.97  Yes:Qty:

Sprinkle bakes.

Sprinkles Bakes By Heather Baird. Dessert recipes to inspire your inner artist. Includes cookies, cakes, candies, spoon desserts, icing, pastries and crusts. Beautiful color photos.

(LA-4917)         276 pgs.        [7 3/8" x 9"]          $19.95   Discontinued

Bake me a cake.

Bake Me A Cake By Megan Brenn-White. Fun and easy treats for kids. Great recipes. Easy step by step directions. Book is also unique with its hands free design.

(CON-0001)     128 pgs.        [7" x 9 1/2"]             $19.95   On Sale $9.97 Yes: Qty:

The Cake Bible.

The Cake Bible Over 200 recipes in this collection including crystallized flowers, fondant, butter cream, marzipan, spun sugar, and much more. Hard cover, 32 full color photos.

(CK60-1050)     556 pgs        [7 1/4" x 10 1/4"]     $35.00                               Yes:Qty:

The Art Of Cake.

The Art of Cake Hard Cover. Modern French baking and decorating. A beautiful book and THE authoritative guide to French cake making!

(CK60-5910)    591 pgs         [81/2"x 10 1/4"]     $40.00  On Sale $20.00 Yes: Qty: