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Cake Decorating DVD's

A fabulous selection of up-to-date instructions fantastic looking cakes

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Boxes & Bows. DVD

Boxes and Bows  By Sharon Zambito. Two disc DVD set will take you through the entire process for 4 different package styles and there corresponding bows. Also box lids, paneled boxes, how to apply stripes, gumpaste strings of pearls and much much more. Disc 1 - 1 hr 53 min. Disc 2 - 1hr 56 min.

DVD   (CK63-1024)     $39.99  On Sale $19.99  Yes: Qty:

Totally Topsy Turvy. DVD

Totally Topsy Turvy  By Sharon Zambito. Two disc DVD set will teach you how to create a topsy turvy cake from start to finish. You will learn everything from filling the tiers, carving and construction, down to every last decorating detail. Disc 1 - 125 min. Disc 2 - 106 min.

DVD    (CK63-1025)     $43.29  On Sale $21.64  Yes: Qty:

Successful Stacking. DVD

Successful Stacking  By Sharon Zambito will lead you through the complete process of stacking a multi-tiered cake, using a method which minimizes the amount of damage that occurs to the icing during the process. Learn how to stack in a way that will allow very small borders or no borders at all. Run time - 71 min.

DVD    (CK63-1022)     $25.99   On Sale $12.99 Yes: Qty:

A Design Gallery DVD.

A Design Gallery  Sharon Zambito narrates this video slide show of some of her most popular designs. She will discuss the technics and tools used in each. Hear helpful hints and ways to avoid pitfalls. A great source of ideas for decorators of all skill levels. Run time - 53 min.

DVD    (CK63-1023)    $25.99    On Sale $12.99  Yes:Qty:

Cake Decorating with The Air Brush DVD

Cake Decorating with The Airbrush, Start to Finish You will learn about the airbrush and accessories you need for airbrushing. Basic airbrush skills including spraying dots, lines, boarders, tinting and blending colors. Also the proper way of airbrushing with stencils and free hand lettering. Run time - 45 min.

DVD  (CK63-1050)      $24.99    On Sale $12.49  Yes:Qty:

Perfecting the art of buttercream. DVD

Perfecting the Art of Butter Cream  A step by step guide to icing the perfect cake. Bonus features: How to use an impression mat. How to obtain those sharp corners on your square cake. Runs 1 hr. 20 min.

DVD  (CK63-1020)      $36.99    On Sale $18.49  Yes:Qty:

Flawless Fondant DVD.

Flawless Fondant By Sharon Zambito will lead you through a complete A to Z education on how to prepare and cover your cakes properly with rolled fondant. This all inclusive 2 DVD set includes detailed instructions on how to prepare the cakes, coloring the fondant, covering 5 shape and sizes, and how to troubleshoot flaws. Two different methods for rolling out and applying the fondant are shown. You will also learn how to properly fill a cake in order to prevent side bulges. Disc 1 - 99 min. Disc 2 - 100 min.

DVD  (CK63-1021)      $38.99    On Sale $19.49  Yes:Qty:

Cake Decorating Basics. DVD.

Cake Decorating Basics Find out how easy it is to bake cakes and deserts - you'll see it all. Cake Basics, Icing Basics, Decorating Tips of all types, writing, drop flowers, much more. Runs 1.01:35 Hrs.

DVD  (901-120)            $19.99    On Sale $9.99    Yes:Qty:

Bake, Decorate, Celebrate. DVD.

Bake, Decorate, Celebrate!  Complete 1st season as seen on public TV. 13 episodes: kids birthdays - garden party - fondant - cupcakes - one tip decorating - chocolate treats - quick & EZ easy drop flowers - cookies - simple tiered cake - fruits and leaves - tone on tone - shells and borders By Wilton the name you trust. Over 120 projects, 80 techniques & 60 recipes. 4 CD Set. 6 hours.

DVD  (901-121)            $39.99    On Sale $19.99  Yes:Qty: