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Wilton Cake Decorating and Pattern Books

An exciting collection of up-to-date instructions, recipes, and beautifully illustrated

cake decorating guide books

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2014 Wilton Yearbook. Special Anniversary Issue.Wilton 2014 Yearbook


This is Wilton's special anniversary issue. They are celebrating 85 years as a company and 50 years of the Wilton yearbook. There biggest idea collection ever. Over 250 exciting cake and treat ideas. Easy to follow instructions for everything featured in book and an expanded decorating guide.

English Version    (1701-2071)    $14.99     Discontinued

Spanish Version  (1701-2073)    $14.99     Yes:Qty:

Wilton "Cupcakes" Book.

Wilton "Cupcakes"


Cupcakes are coming up everywhere! You will find them at all types of occasions, barbecues, celebrations at work, school parties, engagements and more. Regardless of the event everyone loves cupcakes when they are served. This book covers 320 amazing designs and great ideas that you can make. It's fun, easy and tasty too! Full color, 168 pages.

(902-1041)      $14.99     Yes:Qty:

Gifts From The Kitchen

Gifts From The Kitchen


Shows you dozens of ways to package and present a food gift that is as nice as the food itself. This book is also a recipe book, with over 50 easy to prepare foods. Soft cover, 96 pages.

(902-1225)       $12.99   On Sale $6.49  Yes: Qty:

Brownie Fun

Brownie Fun

Packed with over 140 easy to make designs and delicious recipes for brownies. Great Ideas for all types of events and holiday's. Soft Cover, 112 pages.

Find unique pans and cutters for brownies

(902-1105)      $14.99   Yes:Qty:

Cupcake Fun

Wilton Cupcake Fun!

Presents today's hottest party dessert like you've never seen. Over 150 cupcake and treat designs for every occasion, and complete baking and decorating instructions to make them easy. 128 pages. Soft cover.

(902-795)        $12.99 Yes:Qty:

Uses Of Decorating Tips

Uses Of Cake Decorating Tips

A valuable reference and idea book for any decorator. Features five of the most popular tip families and explain what each does. Shows the versatility of many tips by presenting varied cake designs. Soft cover, 48 pages.

(902-1375)      $9.99     Yes:Qty:

The Wilton School, Decorating cakes

The Wilton School: Decorating Cakes

This book presents what Wilton has learned in 80 years of teaching cake decorating. Includes 30 exciting cakes with complete instructions and product listings. 103 techniques with instruction. Helpful recipes, plus in depth section on baking cakes, preparing icing and more. Soft cover, 48 pages.

(902-904)        $14.99 Yes:Qty:

Celebrate With FondantCelebrate With Fondant

It's the first book to feature fondant done the Wilton way. Using exciting cake designs, step by step instructions and convenient fondant products, makes fondant cakes easy and fun for everyone. Shows how to make over 40 great cakes, plus alternate ways to decorate every design. Soft cover, 120 pages.

(902-911)         $14.99 Yes:Qty:

Wedding Cakes, A Romantic PortfolioWilton Wedding Cakes: A Romantic Portfolio

Sets the brides imagination free with 38 exquisite cakes, along with coordinating ornament and favor suggestions and tiered cake accessories. Step by step instructions, a comprehensive construction guide, patterns, techniques and recipes. Soft cover. 144 pages.

(902-907)       Discontinued

Wilton Tiered Cakes

Wilton Tiered Cakes

You'll see how to mix colors on a wedding cake using textured fondant or floral accents. Discover a cute teddy bear tower with fondant baby blocks used as separators. 38 amazing cake designs, along with complete instructions, techniques and construction. Also cutting guide. Soft cover. 128 pages.

(902-1108)      $14.99  Yes:Qty:

Wilton Wedding Style

Wilton Wedding Style

Cakes that capture the moment and favors your guests will always remember. Gives you 100 plus ideas for invitations, favors, tabletop decor and more. 18 dream cakes plus petites fours, cupcakes and edible favors. Soft cover. 124 pages.

(902-1101)      $14.99    Yes:Qty:

Pops! Sweets on a stick.

Pops! Sweets on a stick

Over 250 decorating ideas. Covers all the basics. Includes recipes for cake ball pops and sugar cookies on a stick, plus dipping and decorating techniques. Full color pictures. Soft cover, 112 pages.

(902-1055)   $14.99  Yes:Qty:

Punch, Cut, Decorate.

Punch. Cut. Decorate!


Discover a new way to decorate cakes, cupcakes and more! This book is loaded with 128 pages of decorating techniques, recipes and ideas for all types of celebrations, using the new "sugar sheets". It's fun and easy. Full color, soft cover.

(902-1053)   $14.99 On Sale $7.50 Yes: Qty: