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Cake Levelers - Slicers - Cutters

Create perfectly flat cakes for stacking and slice cakes into layers for filling.


Need cupcake boxes?

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Small Cake Leveler.

Small Cake Leveler

Includes easy adjustment grips and clearly defined height markers. Cuts evenly across entire cake for perfect torting. Has flat hard plastic feet to provide stability and slides easily across counters. New wavy wire cuts cleanly while reducing crumbs. Tortes cakes easily up to 10" wide and adjusts up to 2" high.

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Small cake slicer.Mrs. Anderson's Cake Cutter

Stainless steel cake cutter easily cuts even cake layers for filling cakes and stacking them. Includes 2 wires that are adjustable to desired height. Cutter measures 13" x 6 1/2". Dishwasher safe. Great for home bakers and professional decorators. Tortes cakes easily up to 10" wide


(HI-43688)         $4.99           Yes:Qty:

Ultimate cake leveler.


Ultimate Cake Leveler


This cutter does it all. Safe, precise cutting, easy height adjustment and convenient storage. Sliding sleeve locks handle securely. Blade has eight height positions for cutting cakes and slicing off the cake crowns to make the top of your cake level. Plus twist-lock feet raise and lower blade with ease.


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Cake Displays, Components and Accessories

Bridge Sets  Bridge and stairway sets. Water fountain for cakes.

Cake Levelers   Create perfectly flat cakes and slice into layers for filling.

Cake and Cupcake Caddies  Carry your beautiful creations in these delightful carriers.

Cake Display Stands  Fancy cake stands, separator stands, tier sets, scrollwork designs.

Cupcake & Dessert Stands  Large variety of designs and capacities. Re-usable

Disposable Cupcake/Treat Stands  Large variety of designs and capacities.

Electric Turntable  Hands free decorating - professional displays.

Flower Display Accessories  Flower display cups, fresh flower spikes and  flower ring.

Lollipop Display Stands  Wooden rack and wire rack.

Plates  Separator plates, round smooth, round scalloped, round crystal look and square.

Pillars  Hidden, crystal look, Grecian, crystal look spike, Grecian spike, disposable, roman columns and fillable pillars.

Plate and Pillar Sets  Crystal look separator set, roman column tier set, dowel rods and plastic pegs.

Turntables  A must for easy decorating.