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Cake and Cupcake Display Sets

You can choose how many tiers you need for your event!


Due to Return Policy abuse these stands are non-returnable

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Crystal Tier Cake Stand Set.Crystal-Clear Cake Dividing Set

Designed for towering cakes up to 7 layers. Sparkling plastic twist legs push through the cake and rest on plate below. (dowel rods not needed) 30 piece set includes 6", 8", 10", 12", 14", 16" separator plates,

plus 24- 7 1/2" twist legs.

Crystal-Clear Cake Dividing Set:

(301-9450)    $52.49/set       Yes:Qty:



Additional Plates

6"  (302-9730)  $3.19  Yes:Qty:

8"   (302-9749) $4.19    Yes:Qty

10" (302-9757)  $5.29  Yes:Qty:

12"  (302-9765) $7.39   Yes:Qty:

14" (302-9773)  $9.49  Yes:Qty:

16"  (302-9780) $11.59 Yes:Qty:

Additional Twist Legs:

7 1/2" Twist Legs    Set of 4(303-9794)       $4.19/set    Yes:Qty:

9" Twist Legs          Set of 4 (303-977)        $5.29/set  Yes:Qty:

Towering Tiers Cake Stand.

Towering Tier Stand

Create up to 6 tiers of cake or cupcakes. Use any of the 6 plate sizes to create the perfect cake or cupcake display. Includes two size columns, 4.25" or 5.5" tall. The shorter center columns are ideal for cupcake and individual dessert displays. With smooth plate edges and clean lines, the Towering Tiers Cake and Dessert Stand allows your cake and cupcake display to be the center of attention at any celebration!

Cupcakes on Towering Tier Stand.

Set Includes:

2 pc. 18 in. Plate

2 pc. 16 in. Plate

2 – Large plate supports (to be used with the 16 in. and 18 in. plates)

14 in. Plate

12 in. Plate

10 in. Plate

8 in. Plate

Top Nut

Center Post Foot

5 Base Feet

5 (4.25 in. high) Short Center Posts (for cupcake display)

5 (5.5 in. high) Tall Center Posts (for cake display)

Cake Corer (Not shown)

(307-892)       $99.99       Yes: Qty:



Cake Displays, Components and Accessories

Bridge Sets  Bridge and stairway sets. Water fountain for cakes.

Cake Levelers   Create perfectly flat cakes and slice into layers for filling.

Cake and Cupcake Caddies  Carry your beautiful creations in these delightful carriers.

Cake Display Stands  Fancy cake stands, separator stands, tier sets, scrollwork designs.

Cupcake & Dessert Stands  Large variety of designs and capacities. Re-usable

Disposable Cupcake/Treat Stands  Large variety of designs and capacities.

Electric Turntable  Hands free decorating - professional displays.

Flower Display Accessories  Flower display cups, fresh flower spikes and  flower ring.

Lollipop Display Stands  Wooden rack and wire rack.

Plates  Separator plates, round smooth, round scalloped, round crystal look and square.

Pillars  Hidden, crystal look, Grecian, crystal look spike, Grecian spike, disposable, roman columns and fillable pillars.

Plate and Pillar Sets  Crystal look separator set, roman column tier set, dowel rods and plastic pegs.

Turntables  A must for easy decorating.