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Magical Cakes Indeed

Contributed by: Claudia Gonzalez (Orlando, FL)

Hi, this is my second time sharing thru this wonderful site. These are some of my favorites cakes.

Hope you all like them and found a little bit of inspiration for your own creations.  Claudia


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Claudias Cakes                Claudias Cakes                Claudias Cakes                Claudias Cakes

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Lynne Fox CakeA Snowman for EveryoneLynne Fox Cake

Contributed by: Lynne Fox, (Rickreall, OR)


I did this snowman cake for five family birthdays celebrated together in January.  It was a fun project.

  The cake was about 16 inches tall.

Candy clay was used for the nose, mouth eyes and buttons.  Wilton fondant dyed different colors was used for the hat, scarf, and hands. The arms are licorice twists.  Very little other decorating was needed.  The body is a chocolate bunt cake on the bottom, two yellow cakes baked in stainless bowls for the middle, and a pound cake made in a Wilton ball pan for the head.  A cupcake is under the hat.  I drilled a hole in the plastic cake plate and inserted a wood dowel to provide extra stability.  Next time I would use a pound cake on the bottom and lighter cakes on top as our snowman started to “melt” before served.   The “snow balls” with the names and ages were craft foam and stick on letters. I enjoyed looking at all the cakes in the creative corner.  I am doing a swimming pool cake for the summer birthdays.                                                                                      Lynne Fox

Evelyn Moore's CakeCake as ArtEvelyn Moore's Cake

Contributed by: Evelyn Moore (Elk Grove, CA)

Hello, I made these (pink & blue) over the week-end for a friend's party. This cake traveled three hours in the car w/ temp. of 107 degrees outside. It arrived to it's destination in perfect condition.

Thanks for looking              Evelyn Moore


Evelyn Moore's Cake
I got 2nd Place on this (blue & gold) at the Sacramento County Fair

Cake Decorating Show.


For the top, I used a mold from Candyland Crafts.

Evelyn Moore's Cake


Editors Note: Evelyn has been a regular contributor.

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A Cake Decorator's Cake

Holly Bass CakeContributed by: Holly Bass (Leesburg, FL)Holly Bass Cake  Details

Hi!  My name is Holly Bass and I live in Leesburg, Florida.  I started learning to do cakes with my mother many years ago, and she encouraged me to take some classes, and even took them with me.  Because of her encouragement and through her gift to me of all her cake making and decorating supplies, I have been able to start my own business as a cake decorator and candy maker.  This tropical beach cake is my most recent success, adorned with seashells made of white chocolate and brushed with a few different colors of luster dust.  Thanks to the great candy molds from Candyland, I have been able to add  new dimension to my cakes. Everyone loves the fact that there are edible chocolate objects that look so real on their cakes.  Thanks for supplying great products that have helped launch my business to new heights!                                                                              Holly

Corset Cake ? :-)Silvia's Birthday Cake

Silvia's Corset CakeContributed by: Susan Silvia (Westport, MA)

Here's my latest cake creations. The corset cake was for a friend's hubby who was turning 30. He's was having a family get together for his birthday, so it had to be a tasteful "boob" cake. LOL! The christening cake was really fun to do. I loved making the royal icing "lace points" and brushing the pearl dust over the entire gown to give it that satiny look.                                                                       Silvia