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All Jacked Up

Contributed by: Karen Finney (Avenel, NJ)


Hello again, its Karen Finney from Avenel, NJ.  I must tell you that I have a really have a great time creating cakes for family and friends.  The last time that I submitted my pictures to you they were for my two nieces, the manicurist cake and the megaphone cake.  This time around, I would like to submit a cake that I made for my two nephews, Joseph and Anthony who just turned 2 and 5.  The party theme this year was "Pirates of the Caribbean".  It was a little bit of a challenge but the request was a Pirate Ship sailing on the ocean.  I must tell you that during the night, there was a little bit of a ship wreck.  The back end of the ship fell off and I had to reattach it so it did not look like anything was wrong.  (what I did not tell you was that all of that happed at 5:00 a.m.)  This time around, the cannon and cannon balls, the two pirates, the lanterns, windows and ladder were made of fondant and I used chocolate treasure chests and root beer barrels and other chocolate candies to create the cannons sticking out of the side of the cake.  The sails were also fondant along with the crows nests.  The fence and the ropes were made out of white chocolate.  So I hope that you and your readers enjoy these latest pictures.  Without further delay, I would like to share with you my version of my pirate ship the "ALLJACKEDUP".                                                                                                                                               Thank you again, Karen Finney

 Karen Finney Cake                                             Karen Finney Cake                                              

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Truffles & Frogs!!  :-) Evelyn Moore's Gold Crown Cake

Evelyn Moore's Frog TrufflesContributed by: Evelyn Moore (Elk Grove, CA)


Hello, Just wanted to share ..... I made this over the week end .... using a Frog Soap mold. These are truffles. Gold Crown is Fondant painted with Edible Gold. Thanks for looking.        Evelyn M.



Editors Note: Evelyn is a frequent contributor to Candyland Crafts.

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Cakes for (a) Good Company

Contributed by: Lynne Fox (Rickreall, OR)


I am continuing doing the monthly birthday cakes and ended up with two 30th birthdays the first week of May. Our company calls its employees “swans” so I decided to try a swan cake. The princess was for a woman who had to have been a princess in her former life. For the princess I used the Wilton mold and doll decorating with blue chocolate clay. I added some jewels at the request of our party coordinator who wanted some “bling” although I prefer not to put decorations on cakes that are not edible. I had never made that cake but it is really easy to make something cute for a special person.

The swan is made using the Wilton rubber ducky mold with a replacement head and neck. I used a curved piece of copper tubing covered with rice crispy treats and white chocolate clay. I sculpted the head and beak after covering the rice with the chocolate. I taped the tube to a cake board, cut a notch in the cake and fit them together. I was amazed at how well it all fit. I frosted the whole swan with butter cream and then painted the eyes and beak with black paste food color mixed with vanilla. The wings are white fondant that were dried on each half of the cake pan to keep the curve. I used a paper clip to stamp in the feathers. The water lilies and pads are gum paste.                                                                              Lynne Fox


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