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Yen-Yu's Bride & Groom

Contributed by: Yen-Yu Lien (Austin, TX)

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I’m a beginner who just finished Wilton Method Cake Decoration Class III in my local store, Michaels.  At the beginning, I went to learn cake decoration because I want to make a one-year-old birthday cake for my little boy, Raymond, who is 7 months old now.  However, my instructor, Pat Fry, who teaches with her patient and care, bring me up to this beautiful and fun world.  Here what I’m going to sharing to you is the part of the two tier wedding cake in my class III project – a fondant wedding couple.  I used pure white fondant and color some fondant with peach, black, violet with burgundy, pink, brown and green.   I use pure white fondant to make a body (1 1/8” ball into a corn shape), dress and veil of the bride.  The bride dress is cut by tar cutter (large and medium size) and imprint and embellish with the smallest stylus.  The bride shoulder ruffles, collar, and veil are used the same way as the dress to decorate.  When finish whole works, and then assemble them together with my thumbs and smooth it.  If the fondant turns a little bit dry, I will use clear vanilla extract to stick them together.  After connect whole bride, and then next step is to make 12 tinny rose with your first two figures.  To get a very little amount of white fondant, shape into rectangle, and then roll it with your thumb.  And then attach them into the bride’s the crown of the veil, collar, and her hand.  For the groom, I roll two 5/8” black balls and flatten to oval shape for his shoes.  Next, I roll two 5/16” black balls to be his pants, and ten use clear vanilla extract to connect them.  Then shape a 7/8” ball into a cone and use small scissors to cut the bottom of the cone to make a tuxedo.  Flatten the white fondant to make the shirt and use pin to draw the ruffle line. Also, flatten black fondant for making two lapels and violet fondant for making the cummerbund.  After that, attach the tuxedo to the pants, attach all accents to the tuxedo, and then two hands.  Roll a 3/4” peach ball to make a head and then connect to the body.  The final step is to get a little violet fondant to make groom’s bow tie.  Let it dry for at least half day!  Hope you enjoy it…YEN-YU

Perfect Combo: Cake and Chocolate!

Contributed by: Jennifer Dontz (Manistee, MI)

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Hi! Thought I would share some of my cake creations using your WONDERFUL molds. I just love using chocolates on my cakes. The ideas are limitless and the customers are thrilled! Most cannot believe those are chocolate pieces on my cakes. I started out by using a few molds, now I have large storage boxes to keep them in. Most of the molded pieces I brush with super pearl luster dust to give them a mother of pearl look.


 The cake (top left) has chocolate skis and boots with sugar dough snowflakes. The birthday cake, see top right, includes a delicious chocolate airplane! The star and base (see lower right) are chocolate with tiny sugar flowers added. These were little place card favors done for a celebration. Thanks for letting me share!  Jennifer Dontz → aka: mold-a-holic :-)


Collie in a Bed of Roses

Contributed by: Linda Whitley (Augusta, GA)

I have made and decorated a number of chocolate and sugar paste dogs, but I wanted to make this one special because I was making it for a special person as a gift. I made this collie out of sugarpaste using a large collie mold (Dog 15) since I knew that the person for whom it was being made wanted to display it rather than eat it, but it can be done more easily with chocolate. I decorated the collie by painting royal icing on it with a variety of small paint brushes. When painting the collie's coat, I painted the underneath colors and let each layer dry before painting the next layer over it. I did a little additional enhancement of some colors using paste food coloring diluted with white rum. I made royal icing roses (tip 101s) and leaves (tip 349) to cover the base of the mold. I made a "fence" out of sugarpaste to use as a border covering the lower half of it with "grass".                          LINDA

The Winning Number

Submitted by:   Lynette Orban (Michigan)

Hi, I want to let you know about an idea I came across while trying to think of something to make my brother for his birthday. I used the "Slot Machine" pour box mold, and the "Small Coin" mold. I made the molded candy as usual, then glued the top of the box to the bottom using dabs of chocolate, which made a 3D Slot Machine with a cavity in the middle. I then wrapped the coins in silver foil and filled the machine. He likes it so much, he's saving it to show friends and family rather than eating it! Thank you for letting me share my idea. LYNETTE ORBAN


Baby's Crib Cake  

Submitted by: Karen (New Jersey)

My favorite cake that I have made so far was for my cousins baby shower, we wanted something different and unique that you just don't see everywhere, so I started with a regular half sheet cake and built crib rails with round poles and topped them with round poles cut in half and held on with Marzipan. I then decorated a stand up bear cake, and out of Marzipan I made a baby blanket for him to hold.  I placed candles shaped like various baby items in the "crib" to look like baby toys. The cake was a huge hit and so much fun to make. Thank you for letting me share my cake with you.


Anniversary Flowers

Submitted by: Tina (Rhode Island)


I made these flowers for a garden anniversary party. I used floral tape on the sticks, and put some foam in small terra-cotta pots with a little Spanish moss. They were easy to make, and a lot of fun. Everyone enjoyed them.  TINA

  Exploding Strawberries?? 

Submitted by: Kathi (Lincoln, NH)


Hello.  Friends of mine own a restaurant downtown and on special occasions they ask me to make a chocolate dessert for them.  Two years ago for Mother's day they asked me if I would make a special dessert.  Being a mother myself and thinking of a very special dessert, I came up with the perfect idea.  Chocolate-covered strawberries, diamond-shaped chocolate/raspberry cakes with chocolate ganache`.  The day before mother's day I prepared the cakes.  Mother's day morning I dipped the strawberries.  They looked beautiful.  Then I thought, how am I going to make them one step better? I decided to make chocolate tulip cups to put them in.  How beautiful they would look.  So I blew up little water balloons.  To make the tulips, the balloon is dipped into the chocolate in four directions and left to set up.  After the chocolate is set, pop the balloon and you have the tulip.  I have done this several times and they look wonderful and very special. I had to have the dessert there by 10:30a.m.  I started the tulips at around 8:30a.m.  I dipped three balloons and set them on a cookie sheet.  When I dipped the fourth balloon, the first balloon exploded, then the second, third and fourth!!! The chocolate was all over me, the walls, the table, chair, rug and ceiling!!!!  I looked like I was dipped in chocolate!! Oh, I was in shock! Of course, the chocolate did not cool enough. 


Well, I did not even have time to clean the mess up because I was on a deadline. Just as I decided to continue, my son came in and took one look at me and started laughing hysterically.  "Oh, I wish I had a camera for this". "Mom", he said, "what happened to you, you look like you tried to commit suicide with chocolate, look at your wrists, look at your clothes, and do you know that you have chocolate in your hair and on your eyelashes?" Still laughing, he just could not get over it. By now I thought the chocolate was cool enough for the balloons, so I dipped another one, only to have it explode also. Well, my son just did not believe what he was seeing!!! I had to laugh also, what else could I do?  The next one was OK and so we finished them, assembled them with the strawberries and cakes.  The presentation was just marvelous!! I had to deliver them with no time to wash or change!!


When I arrived at the restaurant in time, but all covered in chocolate, everyone all had a good laugh!!!  They told me I had the most dedication to my craft than anyone they knew!!! They loved the dessert and that is all that mattered!! When I went home to wash and change, my son told me that he would like me to re-enact the whole situation so he could have it on video.  He wanted to send it in to the Funniest Video show!!!  I told him it would never be as funny as the original, but good try!!  (I think he just wanted to see me get the chocolate all over me again!!)