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A Creative Collection

Contributed by: Vendetta Swain (Somerset, NJ)


I've been decorating cakes for a few years, but only in the last 2 years have I REALLY gotten into it seriously. Often, you and your staff, have helped me work through an idea that I was struggling with. I'm convinced that you guys have the answers to all my questions and dilemmas Here are a few of my recent favorites. The most recent is the "Masked Sweet 16" celebration cake. The masks really weren't that difficult once I figured one out. I started with gumpaste, but switched to fondant.

I used royal icing to decorate. When dry, I painted with Old Gold and Aztec Gold dust. I couldn't get enough shine. I airbrushed with glittery gold - not enough shine. Put gold dust on top of the airbrushed gold. Still not enough shine. I went back to the store and (as always) you guys helped. You had the new Disco Dust! I accented the royal icing using Citrine (made by Sunflower Sugar Art) mixed with Old Gold (use lemon extract to make paste). It really turned out very well. (The photo doesn't show how well they sparkle.) Thanks for all your help.



Seashells, Ladybugs & Musicals!

Contributed by: Karen Finney (Avenel, NJ)

Hello again, Its me, Karen, from Avenel, NJ. I just wanted to pass along a few pictures of my recent cakes. I hope you and your readers like them. First is a seashell cake that I just made for my niece and her fiancÚ. Her wedding theme is the sea shore theme so I covered the cakes with blue fondant and made waves out of white fondant. It was covered with chocolate sea shell and white chocolate coral reef. The cake itself was Bailey's Irish Creme cake with Canoli filling. I also made a ladybug for my niece's first birthday and a High School Musical cake for my sisters girl friends daughter and a bowling alley. I hope you like them. Let me know what you think, ( Thanks.



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